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HealthLabs Review – Is Legit or Scam?

HealthLabs has become one of popular online lab test choices. As you might have known that range of lab test can be done online today. There was a time that the online lab test is renowned for the STDs tests as it provide confidentiality and privacy. However, more test panels are available today and HealthLabs is one of the major providers. If you want to know about HealthLabs further, keep reading our reviews about the company, products, and services below.

Who is HealthLabs?

HealthLabs offers moderate online lab testing and online blood work without the problem of protection or a specialist’s visit. Browse more than 500+ lab tests from classes like hypersensitivity testing, malignant growth antigen lab work, hormone testing, nutrient, and dietary testing and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Wellbeing testing is imperative to screen certain conditions and to help in making analyze.

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What Are They Doing at

HealthLabs is an online lab testing provider which has been working with a range of CLIA-certified labs in the United states. With a system of more than 4,500 CLIA-affirmed research centers and more than 500 sorts of tests, clients who need to monitoring explicit wellbeing examples can do so moderately and without visiting their primary care physician for a referral.

HealthLabs provides fast, private, and affordable lab testing where all or parts of processes are conducted online. They work closely with those CLUA-certified labs to provide accurate and quality testing with the full compliance of the conventional lab test standards.

Who Will Need This Health Testing Service?

For those who don’t have health insurance, who demands confidentiality, who possesses deductibles, or anyone who wants to take the lab test without prescription from their doctors, will need HealthLabs testing services. HealthLabs covers the most range of health tests, so anyone can have their own test package(s).

Why Should I trust

As previously mentioned, HealthLabs works with CLIA-certified labs across United States. It means the samples will go through the same standard process with a full compliance of national health regulations. Another reason is that positive customer feedback and reviews about the satisfaction rates, confidentiality, privacy, convenience, and so forth.

Best-Selling Lab Tests Online at

HealthLabs provides at least 21 lab test categories which are available in test packages you can order online. More people get more familiar with HealthLab and more lab test packages are sold. These following test packages are the best-selling products at

1. Comprehensive STD Panel

It’s HealthLabs’ most popular test panel that includes both urine and blood test to comprehend the ten major Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs). The panel covers both bacterial and viral STDs. Many people can order this panel whenever they’re curious or worried about the possibility of being contracted with an STD. The panel gives curious people a certainty as most of these STDs show no symptoms nor signs of infection.

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2. Basic Food Allergy Panel

Another best-selling product is the basic food allergy which covers 15 common allergen foods like almond, cashews, codfish, cow’s milk, nuts, salmon, sesame seeds, soybeans, and so forth. The test panel uses the blood sample to detect your allergy over these foods. The panel test 8 specific foods contribute in the state’s food allergen case as well as other 7 possible allergenic foods. This way, you can maintain your diet without dealing with negative food allergy symptoms.

3. 10 Panel Drug Test (Drugs ofAbuse Testing), Urine

This 10-Panel Drug Test using a urine sample to check and detect the presence of the abuse of 10 common drugs. HealthLabs actually has the 6-panel version, but this product also covers the testing of illegal drugs. Drugs checked with this package include THC, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, PCP, propoxyphene, and methaqualone.

4. Total Testosterone Test

If you want to measure the levels of testosterone hormone in your body, then you should order Total Testosterone Test. The test informs you with the total, overall testosterone but not with the individual levels of each types of testosterone hormone. Both men and women can take this testosterone test. Men use this test to check fertility, libido fluctuates, and to diagnose hypopituarism, hypogonadism, impotence, and Klinefelter syndrome.

5. Comprehensive Vitamin Panel

Another most HealthLab’s product is their Comprehensive Vitamin Panel that test the level of 13 vitamins in your body. These include, vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, VItamin C, Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Folic Acid. This panel will reveal deficiencies you may experience on those vitamins spectrum and be a base of further health diagnosis.

HealthLabs currently offers discounts and special prices for these products. Depending on the products, you may get your lab test in a half price. However, the promotions may be changed anytime, stay tuned on for updated prices and promos

How HealthLabs Works:

All tests provided by HealthLabs will go through confidential, secure, private, and strict processes. These include from when you order the test packages to when you take the lab test results.

Basically, HealthLabs works in three major steps of where you’ll be fully guided and protected. First, you can visit, find the test panel you need, choose the available testing centers on your schedule and order the lab testing the complete the payment with the method you’re most comfortable with. Second, you can print the lab confirmation email and bring it to the testing center for a 10-minute test with no paperwork, no lines, and no appointment. Third, you’ll get your results within 1-2 days via email and a consultation session with physicians would be provided when necessary(also depends on the test panel).


  • What should I do to prepare for the test?

There are some tests in HealthLabs that require to fast or not to take specific foods or drinks prior to the tests. Be sure to check this conditionality when ordering your test panels. A reminder or notification will be also provided but you need to strictly follow it. What you need to do else is printing or faxing the confirmation paper.

  • How soon can I take the test after ordering?

Right away! You can visit the testing center and take the test after payment and confirmation as long as your tests doesn’t require fasting. If it does, you can count how long you need to fast and visit the testing center as soon as it’s done. No appointment is required but be sure to visit the testing center of your choice in their business hours. Again, don’t forget to bring the lab requisition paper.

  • When will I receive my test results?

HealthLabs will deliver your test lab to your default email address within 1 to 3 business days. You don’t need to visit the lab test again to get the results, just log in your email.

  • Does accept insurance?

No, HealthLabs doesn’t accept insurance and they won’t share your result with any third parties nor note it on your medical record. However, you can share it with your doctor or physician at your own discretion. Confidentiality and privacy are fully guaranteed by HealthLabs. When it comes to reimbursement, you can check the possibility to your health insurance company after you’ve received the lab result. We do accept HSAs, FSAs, and many more payment methods for your convenience when ordering lab test panels from HealthLabs.

Quick Reviews

If you want to order any test packages from HealthLabs, you need to visit their official site You can basically order your tests through their site by making an account h first. Here is an overview of the site from our perspective

Website Layout Reviews

When you’ve reached the homepage, you’ll easily find tabs, steps to take, and other informational contents. You can easily read how to order guide then you can find the tests and find a lab right from this page. The site features easy navigation to browse the tests by typing in the on-site search engine or by clicking the categories on the left part of your screen. There is also my account tab that navigates you to your account control panel. First-timers won’t get lost as HealthLabs guide through friendly, linked UI.

Order & Payment

HealthLabs will take the order as soon as you’ve completed the payment and proceed it right away. Their doctor will then issue a lab requisition that you can print out and bring to the CLIA-certified lab test of your choice.

HealthLabs offers a range of payment methods except that they don’t accept health insurance to prevent your lab tests from being notified to the insurance company. They accept credit cards, debit cards, cashiers checks, money orders, PayPal, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs), and prepaid gift cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. You can simply choose the most comfortable payment method for you.


HealthLabs may collect data you’ve input through the HealthLabs uses your personal information for your account, lab testings, services, and legal compliance. They won’t sell or rent your personal information to other third parties. You’ll have your full privacy rights when using the site and throughout the test processes. HealthLabs even protects your privacy by not sharing your lab results with any third parties except the assigned lab. No one can access your results and you can share it with your physician or doctor at your own decision

Customer Service & Online Support

HealthLabs features exceptional customer service and online support. There are several ways you can contact their customer support: by a phone call, by e-mail, by filling the inquiry form. Health Labs also include complete FAQs on their site which answers basic but fundamental questions about online lab testing in general and their products & services. They provide a phone number of 1 (800) 579-3914 so you can talk with their health specialist. They also have a Live Chat feature if you demand a quick response from HealthLabs. At this point, you can choose the method you’re comfortable with to contact HealthLabs’s customer service and online support anytime.

Conclusion – Is HealthLabs Legit?

HealthLabs is undoubtedly a professional and reliable online lab test provider as they work closely with CLIA-certified labs which allow you to get the same accuracy and standard with conventional tests. What makes HealthLabs stands out is their dedication in guaranteeing and protecting your privacy, confidentiality, and security. It offers a convenient way for those who want to test STDs. They even don’t tell the health insurance company or put the results in your medical records. Having the results straight from your private email is undoubtedly an exceptional feature.

When it comes to price, HealthLabs’ test panels are considerably affordable especially if you consider the convenience and services you can get. On the other hand, HealthLabs have special prices even on their best selling items. When it comes to STD tests and some critical tests, a free consultation session wouldn’t only be enlightening but also be helpful when the result is positive. This allows you to take the next necessary steps whether it’s a further consultation with specialists and/or taking the relevant treatment and medication. So, yes, HealthLabs is undoubtedly legit.

How to Order a Lab Test at

It’s excess for you to set a course of action for HealthLabs. In any case, the test centers don’t recognize installments, so you should fill in your request form and present your information on the web or by means of phone before visiting the test centers nearest to you. To begin with, you have to finish off the processes including selecting the test you have to do on the site. By then it’s straightforward. At the point when you have completed your request, you can visit one of the 4,500 deliberately set testing centers and venture through your test process.

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To redeem a Health Labs coupon code to your order, please click on our HealthLabs promo code to active the code and take advantage of the discount during checkout.

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