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Living DNA Review – Should I Buy LivingDNA Test Kit?

Living DNA is a DNA test that separates your legacy into geographic locales. You order your Living DNA kit, complete a mouth swab at home and afterward send it off to the organization, getting your outcomes carefully using an online entrance. Living DNA assists clients with learning the ethnic cosmetics of their DNA and increase some understanding into their family foundation and were their ancestors originated from. Here’s a full review on Living DNA.

Who is Living DNA?

Living DNA couponLiving DNA launched in 2016, so it is generally new to the hereditary testing scene, yet its parent organization, DNA Worldwide Group, goes back to 2004. The UK-based organization is comprised of more than 100 researchers, scholarly analysts, and hereditary specialists around the globe, and teams up with colleges, testing administrations, and genomics specialists to refine its DNA results and relocation courses. Living DNA is a decent worth and offers strong heritage revelation and family tree-building highlights, regardless of whether it takes some time to finish your DNA profile.

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Why Should I Choose Living DNA?

Living DNA offers what might be the most progressive testing of any hereditary parentage organization. The organization gives clients an outline of their ethnic legacy returning around 10 ages with an astounding degree of detail. The testing matches the DNA down to 80 explicit districts of nations, including 21 only for the UK and Ireland. It additionally gives an intelligent guide called “Your Ancestry Through History.” This fills in as a kind of course of events indicating where your ancestors lived starting around 1,000 years prior. Going in reverse you can follow their movements over the ages, and find out about the different periods. By breaking down your fatherly DNA, analysts can glance back at around 180,000 years and gauge the movement courses of your old ancestors.

Living DNA puts a major accentuation on protection and security with regards to client results, which are posted online through the organization’s site and must be gotten to by the client.

Which Living DNA Test is the Best For You?

Three distinct sorts of DNA testing can be utilized for lineage, and Living DNA offers every one of the three tests into one single test.

Autosomal DNA makes up the greater part of the DNA in each cell of your body. Half of your autosomal DNA originates from every one of your parents. They each got half of their DNA from their parents, etc back through time.

This sort of testing discloses to you a ton about your ongoing predecessors yet gives exceptionally constrained data once you return past five to eight pages.

Mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA, is comprised of a lot of little strands of DNA that help cell work. It is given legitimately from a mother to every one of her youngsters and changes incredibly, little in every age. That implies that your mtDNA can enlighten you concerning your direct maternal line back for 20, 50, even 100 ages or more.

YDNA takes a gander at the 23rd chromosome, the last little bit of DNA found in the entirety of your cells. The YDNA test takes a gander at Y-chromosomes, which are discovered distinctly in guys and acquired legitimately from father to child. Ladies don’t have a Y-chromosome, so this test just applies to men. It lets you follow back your direct fatherly line for some ages.

What Are They Selling at

The organization offers a 3-1 family test, which means you can get a parentage breakdown of your autosomal DNA, just as bits of knowledge into your maternal and fatherly haplotypes. Also, the organization offers a discretionary parentage book that subtleties your family ancestry in an advantageous foot stool book position.

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The starter kit is a too fundamental glance at what LivingDNA brings to the table. It will give you a fundamental parentage breakdown, yet it will just show which mainlands your ancestors likely originated from. The starter kit likewise incorporates a glance at a portion of the prosperity characteristics that LivingDNA covers. The kit is just $49, so it is a decent method to get into DNA testing for a minimal effort. Additionally, you can redesign your kit to get progressively far-reaching results whenever!

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LivingDNA Ancestry Kit review

LivingDNA gives exact, fascinating data on your family ancestry utilizing an assortment of sources, for example, Y-DNA and mtDNA. Furthermore, the organization is novel in that it will distribute a lineage book explicitly for you. This is an extraordinary expansion and can help you effectively share your outcomes with anybody you might want. The book is expertly bound, and it makes extraordinary perusing for anybody keen on their hereditary family. It has data on your family parentage, a relocation guide, and subtleties on your hereditary lineage. Further, LivingDNA is one of the main organizations to focus on keeping your outcomes hidden. While they do utilize your information to do look into, they don’t complete and sell your DNA like numerous organizations. The organization has a lion’s share of clients from the UK, making its outcomes for Europe, British, and Irish lineage exact. Outside of the British Isles, a few clients have griped about a drop mistake because of a little reference populace.

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Living DNA Wellbeing Kit reviews

On the off chance that you are less intrigued by your heritage, and increasingly keen on figuring out how your DNA may influence your sustenance and exercise, the Wellbeing Kit from LivingDNA is for you!

This kit investigates around 10 qualities identified with sustenance and exercise including Vitamin D levels, food digestion, exercise, and injury recuperation attributes, and the sky is the limit from there. The reports will offer you guidance on nourishment and explicit activities that may assist you in meeting your well-being objectives.

Wellbeing Ancestry DNA Kit

With this kit, you get everything that LivingDNA brings to the table. This incorporates their incredible parentage board, just as the prosperity attributes that they spread. One incredible thing about their items is that they will keep on refreshing their outcomes as the science behind DNA testing creates. That implies that by buying the Wellbeing and Ancestry kit now, you will have the option to get the most progressive and exceptional outcomes for a considerable length of time to come!

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How Living DNA Test Works?

By utilizing only a basic mouth swab, Living DNA utilizes cutting edge innovation to peruse your DNA and to find your family’s lineage.

Living DNA unravels hints of the past that are concealed inside DNA recognizing regions from up to 150 overall locales.

The outcomes are shown using an online intelligent secure entrance and will get progressing refreshes as and when we can refine the areas.

Your outcomes can likewise be imprinted in a customized family book for an extra expense.


Who can take the LivingDNA test?

Anybody can step through the exam. It’s so basic. Whichever way your Living DNA experience takes everything starts with one straightforward mouth swab.

This basic mouth swab is the way to opening your DNA. It is brisk and simple to utilize which implies anybody of all ages can take a Living DNA test.

How does the Living DNA testing process work?

  • Basically buy your preferred kit on the web and have this sent to your picked address
  • Rub the mouth swab within your cheek for 30 – 60 seconds and return the swab in the free return post sack
  • Your outcomes will be prepared in 6 – two months. You can follow your example at each phase by signing on to your online entrance.

How do I take my Living DNA sample?

Taking your example is quick and effortless.

After ordering your test, we will send you a Living DNA assortment kit, containing a straightforward mouth swab. The initial step is to make a record and actuate your kit utilizing the novel initiation code situated within your kit box.

When will my Living DNA Kit Arrive?

If you ordered with standard conveyance (unmanaged, conveyed by your nation’s national postal help), it would be ideal if you permit around:

  • 5-7 working days inside the UK, USA or EUROPE
  • 10-20 working days somewhere else around the globe

If you chose Premium conveyance (following reference accessible upon demand) takes around:

  • 2-3 working days in the UK and USA (through Royal Mail or USPS, individually)
  • 5-10 working days somewhere else on the planet (through different worldwide transportation organizations)

At the point when your order has been painstakingly dispatched from one of our coordinations places, you will get an email notification.

A Few LivingDNA Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some Living DNA customer reviews from other sites:

Ed Paul – a verified buyer – from says:

The test itself is fine. The users connected to it are not as large as others, but the results are at least as accurate...”

Laura  – a verified buyer says:

“I was very pleases with the Lindners and quick responses from your staff. I am very satisfied with the results I got…”

Quick Reviews:

Site Layout

Living DNA review

The official site of Living DNA ( is most staggering that is presumably it is an advanced and graphically hypnotizing UI.

Other than an on a very basic level apparent to see the course of action, contains clear, direct standards, making the site a direct undertaking to visit.

Shopping Processing

It’s a basic and easy process. You have to visit the official site first and pick your kit from the site and add them to the cart. After you’ve picked your chosen kit, click on checkout, and fill the form with your name address with other data. At last, state your order by picking your payment method. On the off chance that you have any coupon code, apply it here. After the system is done, you’re all set.

Order and Payment

You can pick the payment methodology on the official page. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB. They in like manner accept PayPal. Paying by credit, ATM card or Paypal provides the fastest order processing.

Customer Support

As the best DNA testing association, you can expect to have it straight down concerning their customer support and straightforward as can be they do. Complete the form from the site including your email, phone number, and concerns. They’ll hit you up when they can.

Living DNA Review – Bottom Line

Genealogical DNA testing offers some extraordinary advantages to any individual who needs to find out about their family tree.

Living DNA’s consolidated test is one of the most reasonable available today. It is particularly incredible for narrowing down where your predecessors lived, considerably more so on the off chance that they originated from the British Isles. What’s more, if you’re thinking about tracking your ancestry, you should definitely give LivingDNA a try. Please remember to check our free LivingDNA test kit coupon code to save your money at checkout.

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How to Active Living DNA Coupon Code?

To redeem a LivingDNA coupon code to your order, please click on our Living DNA promo code to active the code and take advantage of the discount during checkout.

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