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  • Insurance is not Accepted
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myLAB Box Review -Is Legit or Scam?

Singles of any age are searching for the correct close accomplice, and keeping in mind that adoration knows no limits, it can prompt some untidy circumstances. With 33% of all Americans living with an STD, with each new accomplice comes a raised requirement for significant serenity in regards to sexual well-being. Be that as it may, numerous STDs can be asymptomatic and visiting the specialist’s office each time you start another relationship isn’t frightfully helpful. Enter myLAB Box, which makes getting tried as simple as a web-based dating application. At-home testing pack organization myLAB Box has extended its administrations with the expansion of six new tests for STD, carrying the organization’s all-out contributions to 10 tests sold in the United States.

The organization propelled the new tests in light of expanding paces of STDs in the nation, alongside the questionable eventual fate of social insurance benefits under another organization. The new tests spread Hepatitis C, Herpes Simplex 2, HPV, Mycoplasma, Syphillis, and Ureapaslma, accessible to the two people. They can be obtained on the organization’s site or on most major eCommerce destinations like Amazon or Walmart and can be purchased exclusively or as a blended pack.

Who is myLAB Box?

mylab box reviewmyLAB Box is an at-home supplier of STD testing that works in every one of the 50 states. Established in 2013 in Los Angeles, California, the organization urges its customers to assume responsibility for their own well being with reasonable, advantageous, and simple testing answers for the most widely recognized disease dangers.

Aside from enabling you to keep things totally private with its at-home testing model, myLAB Box additionally gives free doctor discussions from the solace of your own home. There is no compelling reason to plan arrangements, drive or hold up in line; the organization even reminds its clients when it’s a great opportunity to test once more! In case you’re keen on getting familiar with this progressive organization and its administrations, you can peruse them inside and out myLAB Box survey and assume full responsibility for your sexual social insurance today.

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What Are They Doing at

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myLAB Box is an organization that passes on STD screening. Best of all, you can value FREE specialist gatherings without setting a foot outside in case you ever test positive. The association moved the new tests on account of growing paces of STDs in the country, nearby the uncertain destiny of human administration benefits under another association.

The new tests spread Hepatitis C, Herpes Simplex 2, HPV, Mycoplasma, Syphillis, and Ureapaslma, open to the two individuals. These packs are open on the more responsible option, on the web, and on the NHS. With 1/3 of Americans living with an STI today, it is clear standard testing methodologies fundamentally don’t work. Confounded by weight and uneasiness lab game plans and tests lead to many (maybe even you!) evading their yearly test and relying upon trust with new associates. Having no appearances, regardless, doesn’t mean one is free as over 80% of defilements tangle have no recognizable signs. The most ideal approach to know no ifs, ands or buts is to test.

Who Will Need This Health Testing Service?

Anybody can utilize myLAB Box, particularly the individuals who have no vitality for making courses of action for masters and tests. Most of their labs are a walk around labs. There is no game plan major. All that is required is to present your solicitation on the web, print your structure, and you’ll get your at-home test units. Right when you test with them, you don’t have any of the costs identified with embarking to the pro.

Individuals can get the five stars, requested a wide scope of testing that they need with no of the obstacles. There is no disfavor, no judgment, and no getting some genuinely essential rest work. Getting treatment is made direct too, a great part of the time grasped by phone.

Best Selling Home Testing Kits at

1. Uber Box – 8 Panel Home STD Test Pack

myLAB Box currently tests for every single significant Std with the Uber Box 8-board at-home STD test for guys and females. Evaluate their Uber Box and test for the most well-known STIs from home. For their full test arrangement, look at their Total Box.

  • HIV (I and II)

The myLAB Box Uber Box Home STD Test costs just $269.00.

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2. Total Box – myLAB Box STD at Home 14 Panel Test Kit

Complete 14 panel STD test kit for at-home use. This myLAB Box Total Box test pack screens for all STD dangers utilizing FDA-endorsed innovation:

  • CHLAMYDIA (genital, throat, rectal)
  • GONORRHEA (genital, throat, rectal)
  • HIV I and II
  • MYCOPLASMA genitalium
  • HPV (discretionary extra for ladies 30 years old and more seasoned)

This myLAB Box Total Box STD test has 2 costs. Without HPV, it’ll cost $369.00. Also, include HPV for ladies 30+ will cost $399.00.

3. Safe Box – myLAB Box Home 5 Panel STD Test Kit

Their thorough 5-board STD test unit incorporates tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV I and II, and Trichomoniasis. Mail-in a swab, little urine test or a drop of blood utilizing the assortment packs for confirmed lab brings about merely days. The features are:

  • Mail-in units for home use
  • Test in only 5 minutes
  • The lab brings about 2-5 days
  • 100% torment free
  • Free doctor conference
  • Appreciate free and tactful delivery

This myLAB Box home STD test kit screen for high-chance STDs from the solace of your home which costs $189.00.

4. myLAB BOX at-Home Male Fertility Test

Male fertility is complicated. Essentially, fertility is an extensive portrayal of a man’s capacity to imagine a kid. Having a satisfactory measure of sperm, sperm being created appropriately, and the capacity of sperm to move appropriately to arrive at the egg are a couple of the components that influence fruitfulness. A man is viewed as fruitless when these components fall underneath ideal levels. There might be no different evident signs and indications.

The MyLAB Box Male Fertility Test includes:

  • A testing device
  • Four (4) sperm tally tests
  • Semen test assortment cups

This myLAB Box male fertility testing kit  just cost $179.00

How myLAB Box Works:

After you present your request on the web, a test pack will be given to your region. Most testing packs are careful, paying little heed to the manner in which that you may need to certify this with the relationship before acquiring. Contingent upon your request, you’ll have to give a vaginal swab or blood/urine test. The example assortment methodology takes just 5 minutes and it’s totally easy. All at-home testing packs utilized by myLAB Box are 100% made in the United States by top-level makers. The packs are either affirmed by the organization’s research facility or FDA-endorsed. This implies myLAB Box tests highlight a similar indicative exactness as those acting in a lab. When you’ve gathered the important example, you can mail it back to the organization in the gave self-tended to envelop and hang tight for your outcomes.

How MyLabBox Differs from Other Home Test Kit Providers?

While most other STD test suppliers are a stroll in lab tests – which means you need to visit a lab to get an example taken – MyLabBox lets you take your own lab test at home.  This makes the procedure advantageous and very private. There is no compelling reason to drive anyplace, see a specialist or make an arrangement. You can experience the whole procedure without leaving your home.

At-home lab tests are helpful in numerous viable circumstances, not exactly when you don’t want to walk or heading to a lab.

For example, in the event that somebody is handicapped, sick or old, they will most likely be unable to get to a lab. Or then again, on the off chance that you live in a remote area where no stroll in testing administrations exist.

The capacity to get the pack at home and send the example in without going anyplace proves to be useful.

One other zone where MyLab Box stands apart is its wide assortment of bundles.

Are my MyLAB Box Testing Results Confidential?

They fathom that your well-being is a private issue. That is the explanation they have a demanding security course of action that they seek after eagerly. You can have certainty that your security is something they respect and ensure in all pieces of their business.  It applies to myLAB Box and regulates information storing up and use. By utilizing the official site, you agree to the information practices depicted in this announcement. It is critical that an association, for instance, myLAB Box is both a secured and reliable testing elective. Especially since you will give them your private information. Luckily, this association has every one of the reserves of being both significantly trusted and decent


  • How Reliable are These MyLAB Box STD Tests?

The test exactness is characterized by affectability and explicitness from clinical preliminaries. Affectability is the level of results that will be sure when sickness is available. The particularity is the level of results that will be negative when an infection is absent. myLAB testing is utilizing comparable approaches to what you would get in a lab and exactness levels are practically identical.

  • Is it Painful to Test Using myLAB Box Kits?

No, their units are exceptionally low effect and require just a vaginal swab, little urine test or a prick of the finger.

  • Where are the myLAB Box Test Kits Made?

myLAB Box works with top-level makers in the United States. The entirety of their accomplices has been painstakingly chosen to guarantee that you are getting the best items that produce the most exact outcomes.

  • Are the myLAB Box STD Test Kits Certified?

The entirety of their mail-in units utilize either an FDA-endorsed test or are approved by a myLAB Box lab member for self-assortment and transport via the post office. These tests have a similar demonstrative exactness as going into a research facility.

  • How Long Does It Take to Get myLAB Box Test Results?

Turnaround from request to results for all mail-in packs is evaluated at 5-11 days. This incorporates 1-3 days for clients to get the pack and 2-8 days for preparing and posting the outcomes on the web. An email warning with a connect to their safe entry will be sent when the outcomes become accessible.

  • Does myLAB Box Accept Insurance?

No. You presently can’t pay for the tests with your insurance.

myLAB Box vs. Everlywell Comparison: Which one is Better?

When comparing myLAB Box and Everlywell, it’s important to take a few factors into consideration. In general, myLAB Box offers more comprehensive lab testing products with results backed by an in-house team of clinical consultants and physicians. Plus, they have options that measure multiple health factors at once and many live chat support options. Additionally, since the tests are performed in a CLIA certified laboratory (which is the same type of lab used by doctors), results are usually available within two to eight days after kit shipment. On the other hand, Everlywell offers more affordable at-home health test kits for a wide range of conditions or ailments for things like sexual health, STDs, fertility hormones, thyroid hormone levels and infectious diseases. Their results are normally available within 3-5 days and customers can sign up for text or email alerts when they are ready. So in terms of which one is better – that really depends on what you’re looking for – comprehensive testing vs affordability.

A Few MyLAB Box Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some customer reviews from other sites:

Yolanda Banks – says:

Super quick results delivered to my inbox, no complaints at all after using them three times…

Chris Johnson – – a verified buyer reviews says:

It worked out great. The results came in less that a week and the directions themselves are pretty straight forward and to the point…

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

mylab box review

The official site of myLAB Box ( is no doubt fantastic with it’s an advanced and graphically spellbinding UI.

Other than a significantly straightforward arrangement, myLAB Box contains clear, direct headings, making the site easy to investigate.

Order & Payment

MyLAB Box acknowledges all the standard installment techniques (credit/check cards, prepaid cards, and so forth.), including FSA and HAS cards. You as of now can’t pay for the tests with your protection, however. This takes away one of the applicable installment alternatives, however, it builds your degree of protection and security since your insurance agency won’t get any data with respect to your STD testing and the outcomes won’t enter your lasting medicinal records.


At the point when you download and use myLAB applications, the organization can get data about your cell phone and area, including one of a kind ID for your device. You can generally stop area administrations on the off chance that you would prefer not to get confined advertisements, indexed lists, and comparative customized content. MyLAB Box gathers the data you give, which is utilized to react to your solicitations, speak with you, and redo your future shopping, just as programmed data, which is accumulated with treats and comparative projects.

Online Support

You can contact myLAB Box client assistance by telephone or you can send them an email Mon-Fri 8 AM-12 PM PST and Mon-Fri 2 PM-2 PM PST. You can get pertinent data about your request and pose any broad inquiries that ring a bell in regards to the organization itself and its administrations.

myLAB Box Review – Finally, Is myLAB Box is Legit or Scam?

MyLAB Box has extraordinary possibilities with it’s at-home STD testing model, yet everything feels somewhat surged, for the absence of a superior term. You can’t get all the fundamental data from the official site and you can see the organization agents investing substantially more energy beating on the challenge as opposed to giving them data about their organization.

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