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When questions of paternity arise, families need definitive answers from a trustworthy DNA testing provider. Paternity Lab is a leading company in the paternity testing field with over 20 years of experience, strict quality standards, and excellent customer support.

This review will take an in-depth look at Paternity Lab’s DNA paternity test offerings, accuracy rates, testing process, and why they are a dependable choice. We’ll cover the types of legal, home, immigration and prenatal paternity tests available, pricing, turnaround times and other key factors to consider.

For conclusively proving a biological relationship, you want reliable results from a credible source. Let’s explore what makes Paternity Lab stand out for DNA paternity testing services you can trust.

Paternity Lab Review: Accurate DNA Paternity Testing You Can Trust

Who is Paternity Lab?

PaternityLab CouponPaternity Lab is an accredited DNA testing laboratory that specializes in paternity and other relationship tests. Their team of genetic experts follows strict chain-of-custody protocols to ensure accurate, defensible results every time.

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Key Features:

  • AABB-accredited and legally-admissible DNA tests recognized in all 50 states
  • Discreet, professional service in English and Spanish
  • Fast, affordable DNA testing with 99.99% precision
  • Easy sample collection process with options for legal or home testing
  • Free, comprehensive results review by a genetics expert
  • 100% privacy guaranteed – results are completely confidential

With Paternity Lab’s simple yet highly accurate DNA paternity tests, families can get the answers and legal documentation they need regarding paternity and other biological relationships. Their reputation for excellence makes them a trusted name in DNA identity testing nationwide.

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Why Should I Trust Paternity Lab?

When it comes to something as important as determining paternity, you want to work with a DNA testing provider you can trust completely. Here are some key reasons why Paternity Lab stands out as a reliable, trustworthy choice:

  • Accreditations and Legal Recognition

    Paternity Lab is accredited by the AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks), which ensures their processes meet the highest standards for quality and accuracy. Their paternity tests are legally admissible in all 50 U.S. states and HIPAA compliant for your privacy.

  • Experienced DNA Experts

    With over two decades of experience, Paternity Lab’s team includes geneticists, laboratory directors, and certified sample collectors with extensive training in proper DNA handling. They follow strict chain-of-custody protocols on every test.

  • Proven Accuracy

    Paternity Lab uses advanced DNA testing technology that is over 99.99% accurate when confirming a biological relationship. Their tests can definitively include or exclude an alleged father.

  • Comprehensive Service

    From free consultations to easy sample collections to expert reviews of your results, Paternity Lab guides you through every step. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your case was handled properly.

  • 100% Confidentiality

    Your privacy is their top priority. Paternity Lab keeps all DNA test details completely confidential, with discretion every step of the way.

By choosing an AABB-accredited lab like Paternity Lab, you can feel confident you are getting an accurate paternity determination from a experienced, trustworthy source. Their reputation is built on delivering reliable answers while treating clients with care and respect.

What Paternity Lab DNA Testing Services Do They Offer?

Paternity Lab Review

There are several situations where someone may need to use Paternity Lab’s DNA testing services:

  • Unmarried Parents

    For children born to unmarried parents, establishing legal paternity is crucial for father’s rights, child support obligations, and the child’s ability to access benefits like healthcare and inheritance. A paternity test provides definitive proof.

  • Child Custody/Visitation

    In disputed child custody cases, paternity testing helps determine fathers’ custodial rights. It gives biological fathers the legal standing to pursue visitation.

  • Immigration Cases

    For immigration purposes like sponsoring a child’s visa, U.S. authorities require DNA evidence to prove the parent-child relationship and prevent fraud.

  • Personal Peace of Mind

    Sometimes paternity is uncertain due to historical circumstances. DNA testing can confirm or dispel doubt about biological relationships for personal closure.

  • Adoption Purposes

    Adoptive families may want to verify biological ties before or after an adoption. Non-invasive prenatal paternity tests are also available.

  • Estate/Inheritance Cases

    When estates or inheritance rights hinge on proving paternity, a legal DNA test is essential documentation for the courts.

No matter the situation, Paternity Lab provides professional, court-admissible paternity tests to help families resolve paternity questions definitively. Their accurate DNA analysis stands up as proof of biological relationships.

What Paternity Lab DNA Testing Services Do They Offer?

Paternity Lab offers a comprehensive range of DNA paternity testing services to meet different needs:

  • Home Paternity Test

    This affordable at-home paternity test kit allows you to collect DNA samples yourself in the privacy of your home. Simply follow the instructions, mail in the samples, and you’ll receive results in just 3-5 business days after the lab receives them.

  • Immigration Paternity Test

    For immigration cases that require legal proof of a biological parent-child relationship, Paternity Lab provides immigration DNA tests that meet all government requirements. Results include court-admissible documentation.

  • Legal Paternity Test

    When paternity needs to be established for court purposes like child support, custody, or inheritance, Paternity Lab’s legal paternity tests are performed at a licensed facility and witnessed by a third-party professional. These court-admissible tests follow strict chain-of-custody protocols.

  • Prenatal Paternity Test

    Using an advanced non-invasive prenatal paternity test, expectant parents can determine paternity as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy with just a simple blood sample from the mother and cheek swab from the potential father.

All of Paternity Lab’s paternity tests utilize advanced DNA testing technology that is over 99.99% accurate at determining a biological relationship. With a full staff of geneticists and convenient testing options, they make it easy to get the conclusive answers you need about paternity.

What Paternity Lab Test Kits Do They Offer?

Paternity Lab makes it easy to collect DNA samples from home with their convenient home paternity test kits. They offer three different specimen collection methods to choose from:

  1. Cheek Swabs

    This popular option uses long cotton swabs to collect cheek cell samples from the inside of the donor’s mouth through a simple cheek swabbing.

  2. Toothbrushes

    You can also collect DNA samples by using fresh, unopened toothbrushes to gather cheek cells from the test participants.

  3. Nail Clippings

    A third option is to submit fingernail or toenail clippings as the DNA source for testing.

Whichever sample type you select, Paternity Lab provides all the materials needed in their home test kit. You simply follow the instructions to collect specimens from the mother, father, and child(ren), then place the samples in the included specimen sleeves.

Once samples are packaged, just use the prepaid return mailer to send everything off to Paternity Lab’s laboratories. Their state-of-the-art facilities utilize advanced DNA testing technology to quickly analyze the samples.

With their efficient processes, you’ll receive your home paternity test results within just 1-2 business days after the lab receives your samples. Paternity Lab makes DNA testing easy by giving customers a variety of home collection methods and a rapid turnaround time.

How Does Paternity Lab Work?

Here’s how the paternity testing process works with Paternity Lab:

  1. Choose Your Test

    First, you’ll select the type of paternity test you need – home, legal, immigration, or prenatal. Paternity Lab will provide instructions on what samples are required.

  2. Collect DNA Samples

    For a home paternity test, you’ll receive easy-to-use cheek swab kits to collect DNA samples from the potential father, mother, and child(ren). Legal tests require samples be collected by a trained professional.

  3. Send Samples to the Lab

    Simply mail in the DNA samples using the provided packaging. Paternity Lab has drop boxes nationwide for convenient sample drop-off as well.

  4. DNA Analysis

    At their accredited testing facilities, Paternity Lab’s geneticists will analyze the DNA samples using advanced technology that examines genetic codes at the molecular level.

  5. Results Review

    Once testing is complete, a DNA expert personally reviews the lab results and probability calculations to ensure accuracy.

  6. Receive Your Report

    You’ll get an easy-to-read report detailing if the tested parties are biologically related or not. Legal/immigration tests include court-admissible documentation.

From start to finish, Paternity Lab ensures an easy, confidential process with conclusive DNA results you can trust. Their caring staff is available every step to answer any questions.

How Accurate are Paternity Lab DNA Testing Services?

Paternity Lab’s DNA testing services are highly accurate in determining biological relationships. Their advanced DNA analysis methods provide results with an outstanding 99.99% accuracy rate.

This exceptional accuracy stems from the laboratory’s use of advanced DNA genotyping techniques to analyze genetic codes at the molecular level. Their tests examine numerous highly variable sections of genomic DNA to create a comprehensive genetic profile or “DNA fingerprint” for each person tested.

By comparing these genetic fingerprints, Paternity Lab can definitively determine whether two individuals share the biological parent-child relationship necessary for a positive paternity result. Their skilled geneticists and laboratory directors carefully validate all findings using powerful probability calculations and comprehensive quality control measures.

Paternity Lab is also an AABB-accredited facility, meaning their processes, staff proficiency, equipment, and quality assurance programs have all undergone rigorous external inspections to verify they adhere to the highest standards for DNA paternity testing. This accreditation provides further assurance of accurate, legitimate paternity results.

With such stringent scientific analysis, chain-of-custody protocols, and regulatory oversight, the DNA testing services provided by Paternity Lab deliver verified paternity determinations that are over 99.99% accurate – results you can rely on with complete confidence when so much is at stake.

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Quick Reviews:

Here are some quick reviews of key aspects of the Paternity Lab experience:

Website Layout review

Paternity Lab’s website is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. The homepage clearly explains the different paternity testing services offered. Dropdown menus allow you to quickly find test details, pricing, and ordering info. The site layout is mobile-friendly as well. Legitimacy is established with logos of their accreditations and customer testimonials front and center.

Shopping Process

The online ordering process for paternity tests is very straightforward. You select your test type, indicate who needs to be tested, and see pricing update in real-time. Paternity Lab gives you the option to add expedited results or other services. Descriptions explain each step clearly. Overall it’s an intuitive, user-friendly checkout experience.

Order & Payment

Placing your order is secure and hassle-free on the website. You can review and modify your cart contents before checking out. Payment is processed through trusted third-party vendors and all major credit cards are accepted. The entire transaction feels safe. Physical kits are shipped quickly after your online order is complete.

Customer Service

Paternity Lab gets high marks for their responsive, knowledgeable customer support. You can reach out via phone, email or online chat and real human representatives are available to answer questions about DNA testing, guide you through the process, and address any concerns promptly. They seem genuinely committed to ensuring a positive experience.

Overall, the company has streamlined the process of researching, ordering and receiving paternity tests. The well-designed website, quick shipping, secure payments and attentive customer service make Paternity Lab a professional and user-friendly option.

Is Paternity Lab Legit?

Yes, Paternity Lab is a legitimate and trustworthy provider of DNA paternity testing services. Here are some key points that demonstrate their legitimacy:

  • Accreditations

    Paternity Lab is accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), which requires meeting stringent standards for quality, accuracy, and proficiency in DNA testing through regular inspections and audits. Their legal paternity tests are court-admissible in all 50 U.S. states.

  • Experience

    The company has over 20 years of experience conducting DNA paternity and relationship tests. They have an established reputation and have assisted millions of clients nationwide.

  • Testing Process

    Paternity Lab follows industry best practices like observed sample collections by trained professionals and strict chain-of-custody protocols to ensure test integrity. Their HIPAA-compliant processes protect client privacy.

  • Staff Expertise

    The lab employs PhD geneticists, laboratory directors, and other certified experts to perform technically-advanced DNA analysis using validated methods and interpret results accurately.

  • Accuracy Rates

    Their advanced DNA genotyping produces paternity results with an unparalleled 99.99% accuracy rate that has been extensively validated.

  • Customer Service

    Paternity Lab offers free consultations, has English/Spanish staff available, and provides comprehensive results reviews to ensure clients understand the process.

By choosing an AABB-accredited lab like Paternity Lab, you can feel confident you are receiving legitimate, court-admissible paternity results from a qualified and experienced provider adhering to the highest industry standards for DNA testing.

Bottom Line

When it comes to getting accurate, reliable answers about paternity, Paternity Lab stands out as a leading provider you can trust. As an AABB-accredited laboratory with over 20 years of experience, they follow stringent standards and protocols to ensure the unparalleled accuracy of their paternity test results.

What sets Paternity Lab apart is their comprehensive service and commitment to making the DNA testing process clear and easy to understand. From start to finish, you can count on professional, court-admissible DNA analysis handled by a team of certified experts. Their non-invasive prenatal, immigration, legal, and home paternity tests provide the conclusive proof families need in a variety of situations.

With industry-leading DNA genotyping technology achieving 99.99% accurate paternity determinations, Paternity Lab delivers the definitive answers you deserve. Their caring staff guides you through every step, with a focus on confidentiality, convenience and personalized attention. Millions nationwide have relied on Paternity Lab’s legally-admissible findings.

Whether you need to establish paternity for custody, child support, immigration, inheritance or personal reasons, you can feel confident putting your trust in Paternity Lab’s proven DNA testing services. Get the accurate paternity verification you need from a credible, experienced source.

How to Order Paternity Lab DNA Testing Services?

Here are the simple steps to order a paternity test from Paternity Lab:

  1. Choose Your Test

    The first step is selecting the type of paternity test you need. Paternity Lab offers legal/court-admissible, home, immigration, and prenatal paternity tests. Each has its own requirements for sample collection.

  2. Place Your Order Online

    Visit and click “Order Now” for fast, secure online ordering. You can also order by phone at 1-866-522-1142 if preferred.

  3. Enter Test Details

    You’ll need to provide some basic details like who needs to be tested, the reason for testing, and any legal documentation required.

  4. Select Additional Services (Optional)

    Paternity Lab offers expedited results, legal professional collectors, and other add-ons to customize your testing experience if needed.

  5. Review and Checkout

    Review your order details, accept Paternity Lab’s terms, and complete your secure online payment. Most major credit cards are accepted.

  6. Receive Your Test Kit

    Within 1-2 days, Paternity Lab will mail your DNA sample collection kit with easy instructions to your address.

  7. Collect and Return Samples

    Follow the instructions to properly collect cheek swab or other required DNA samples. Use the prepaid return mailer to send samples back to the lab.

  8. Await Your Results

    Paternity Lab will perform analysis at their accredited facilities. You’ll get your detailed results report within 3-7 business days after they receive samples.

It’s that easy! Paternity Lab makes it simple to order affordable, accurate DNA paternity testing online or over the phone. Their team is available every step to ensure you understand the process.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions about Paternity Lab’s DNA paternity testing services:

  1. How accurate are Paternity Lab’s DNA test kits?

    Paternity Lab’s paternity test kits are 99.99% accurate at determining a biological relationship thanks to advanced DNA genotyping analysis.

  2. Does Paternity Lab offer legal/court-admissible paternity tests?

    Yes, their legal paternity tests follow strict chain-of-custody protocols and are admissible in courts across all 50 U.S. states.

  3. How long does it take to get paternity test results?

    For home paternity tests, results are typically available within 3-5 business days after the lab receives the samples. Legal tests can take 5-7 business days.

  4. How much do paternity tests cost?

    Paternity Lab’s home paternity test kits start at $109. Legal tests with professional sample collection start at $399. Pricing may vary.

  5. Can I take a paternity test before the baby is born?

    Yes, Paternity Lab offers non-invasive prenatal paternity tests as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy using a simple blood sample from the mother.

  6. How are DNA samples collected for paternity testing?

    Home tests use cheek swabs, while legal tests require a trained collector obtain DNA samples through cheek swabs or blood draws.

  7. Is DNA paternity testing confidential?

    Absolutely. Paternity Lab adheres to strict HIPAA guidelines to protect client privacy and keep all test details 100% confidential.

  8. Does Paternity Lab offer immigration DNA tests?

    Yes, their immigration paternity tests meet all government requirements for proving biological relationships for visas and citizenship cases.

  9. Are Paternity Lab’s tests recognized internationally?

    While not all countries accept paternity tests from U.S.-based labs, many do recognize Paternity Lab’s AABB-accredited legal paternity tests.

  10. What if I have more questions about Paternity Lab’s services?

    Their friendly support team provides free consultations to answer any additional questions about paternity testing options, the process, and results.

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