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Annually, around 20 million individuals contract Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Many people are unaware of the disease; it resides in the body without producing any symptoms.  Health enthusiasts are aware that STD screening is important for a healthy life. Fortunately, there are now online STD testing services that allow you to get tested from the comfort of your own home. One such service is In review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the website, its services, and what makes it different from other online STD testing providers.

STDcheck Review – Fast & Affordable STD Testing Online

Who is STDcheck?

STDcheck reviewFounded over 7 years before, STD Check is offering easy and convenient STD testing solutions. The company is based in Houston, Texas. They provide an efficient online STD testing service that makes the STD testing procedure simple. From registering to testing to getting results, every process is designed to keep your identity hidden. You need to go to the lab near you or any place where you want to give your sample and get the results privately.

Visit Site:

What Are They Doing at offers easy and private STD testing. They have a network of 4,500 labs scattered over the region to go and give the sample. The test ordering is online and tension-free. Just order it online and select the test that you want to go for. Confirm your order online privately and select the lab you want. Give your sample and leave the lab within five minutes. Their main work is to respect the privacy of the client related to STDs.

Unfortunately, if the test comes out positive, they have physicians as well to guide you. They prescribe medicine and tell about the precautions and everything that is necessary for you to know.

Who Will Need This Health Testing Service?

Well, there’s no need to have a physician’s permission to have these tests. Basically, having a bit of doubt is enough. STDs transmit when no precautionary measures are being used during the contact with the partner. The unprotected sex, having multiple partners, poor hygiene, all these things augment the chance of contracting STDs.

STDs don’t produce symptoms immediately and can reside in the body for long silently. The only way to know whether you have contracted them is through medical testing. Also, one person can transmit this to another without even knowing during sexual contact.

Do You Know: Encountering one STD means you are prone to have multiple STDs as well.”

Why Should I Trust

There are many reasons to trust They have thousands of clients to date who have trusted them and enjoying the benefit. Some of a few reasons are:

  • FDA approved testing service: They follow all the FDA guidelines to conduct any test and also their tests are approved by FDA
  • CLIA-certified labs: In their huge list of over 4,500 labs, all the labs follow the rules set by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments; that means you will get the best testing service with accurate results
  • Complete Privacy: When they say that they really take care of your privacy, they mean it; from booking the order to giving the test, you are known by your order number and not by your name. You even get the option of not providing the name if you want when you place the order.
  • Trusted Payment Options: Your payment also remains encrypted and nothing will appear on your balance statement that where you have spent the amount. They also don’t accept insurance so your identity remains hidden. They make sure that your identity remains hidden from everywhere.

Best-Selling Products at

Almost all the products do great but some of them are highly popular.

  1. STDcheck 10 STD Test Panel

STDcheck 10 Test Panel is a comprehensive medical testing service that screens for 10 different sexually transmitted diseases. Designed for people of all ages and genders, the panel includes tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea, HIV 1 & 2 antibodies, trichomoniasis, herpes I & II antibodies, syphilis, hepatitis A, B & C. Participants are provided with easy-to-use online tools to order their tests and receive results quickly and securely. The confidential testing process ensures participants have access to medically accurate results without any embarrassment or stigma associated with visiting a clinic or hospital laboratory. Moreover, STDcheck offers expert support over the phone and via email should participants require further assistance.

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  1. STDcheck Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test

It is the combination that provides a clear picture of the presence of bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis and  Neisseria gonorrhoeae that lead to Chlamydia and Gonorrhea infections respectively. It is the most accurate test available today for both diseases. This STD Check blood test uses FDA cleared Nucleic Acid Amplification Test for testing both diseases. With a small amount of urine sample, it can give the results that are 99% accurate. Both of these diseases are common in men as well as women and over 3 million people contract them annually.

You’ll get your results in 1-2 days and they’re all 100% confidential so you don’t have to worry about any personal info being released. The test is FDA-approved and easy since it requires just a urine sample, making it quick and painless. With STDcheck’s Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test, you can rest assured that your screening is accurate and reliable, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing what’s going on with your sexual health.

  1. Herpes Type 1 and Type 2 Testing

This accurate STDcheck STD test gives the herpes virus status in your body in just one test. This test looks for herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 (IgG) type-specific antibodies testing using the immunoassay. The test turns out positive when there are enough antibodies in the blood. The virus can reside in the body for many days without producing any symptoms at all. The outcomes of immunoassay are highly accurate and the sample can be given in just five minutes.

  1. STDcheck Syphilis Test

STDcheck Syphilis Test is an FDA-approved laboratory test that helps identify if a person has syphilis. For this test, a Treponemal Pallidum Assay (TPA) test is used which is more than 90% accurate test to detect the presence of this disease-causing bacteria. Syphilis is a highly contagious disease that can live silently in your body and can transfer to your partner. This STD test is ideal for people who may have been exposed to syphilis, either through sexual contact or other means. It can detect early signs of infection when the body is first producing antibodies to fight off the bacteria and prevent further transmission of the disease. Results are accurate and confidential and come back within 1-2 days. The test is safe and offers quick results which makes it a preferred method in diagnosing this disease that affects millions of people all over the world today.

  1. STDcheck HIV RNA Early Detection Test

The STDcheck HIV RNA Early Detection Test is an invaluable diagnostic tool for detecting HIV within 9–11 days after an initial infection. Since most HIV infections typically show up in standard HIV antibody tests weeks or even months after a person has been infected, the early detection of HIV RNA antibodies allows for an earlier diagnosis and treatment plan. This test can be completed quickly and discreetly using just a finger-prick blood sample which is then tested to find any traces of the virus. The test is highly accurate, providing peace of mind when it comes to knowing your results, giving you the ability to make decisions regarding potential treatments right away rather than waiting weeks or months later down the line.

  1. STD Check Hepatitis C Test

Hepatitis C is a severe type of liver inflammation that can lead to many complications. uses the antibody test that is approved by the FDA. When this disease-causing virus enters the body, it produces antibodies to fight it. Their CLIA certified lab technicians take a small amount of blood and detect the presence of antibodies in the body. The test they use is over 100% accurate.  The results are made available within a day or two.

How STDcheck Work:

STDcheck is an online service which offers accurate and confidential testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). They provide individuals with a secure online ordering system, allowing them to select the appropriate tests for their specific needs and arrange discreet sample collection. This can be done through one of the many lab locations across the United States or through one of their at-home test kits. Just enter your ZIP code. You will get the list of all the testing centers present in your vicinity. Select the center and pay for the fees. Test results are available within 1-2 business days and customers can receive a full medical consultation if necessary. Results are kept completely confidential, allowing individuals to access services without fear of judgment or discrimination. All testing is handled in a professional manner and ensures that privacy remains intact throughout the entire process.

Here are a few things you should know before taking a test at STD Check:

How does test for STDs?

No swab or saliva testing is done. You either need to give your sample of urine or blood, whichever is more efficient for your selected STD test. Blood and urine tests are more accurate than other forms of testing.

How do I know which STD Check test best fits my needs?

No one can tell which test best fits your needs because if you have bumped into one STD, then there’s a chance that you might have contracted other as well. Their website has an STD test recommender that tells you your status a bit. But it is recommended to go for their 10 Test Panel that gives the wide spectral image of any STD present in your body. This test is for the ten most common STDs that are prevalent in society.

What should I do to prepare for the lab test?

If you are recommended to get the urine test, then don’t urinate at least an hour before giving the sample to have enough sample size. Also, if you are taking a wellness panel side by side then 12 hours fasting is needed before the test. Normally, you don’t need any other preparation for STD testing.

How soon can I take the test after ordering?

Immediately after you receive your Order Form and/ or Confidential Test Code, you can go for the test. Access to the order form is available online by using your account. You will also receive it in your email.

When will I receive my STD Check test results?

STDcheck test results are made available in a day or two after you give your sample. But tests like HIV RNA and Trichomoniasis take more time. Results might also delay if your state presents any strict regulations to follow.


For many people, keeping the information secret is essential as STD testing could lead to embarrassment. is concerned about the privacy of its customers. Results are emailed privately to the user.

To enhance security even further, the website is encrypted. It means that the date of their clients remain safe and protected. It couldn’t be hacked. Alongside this, they are also HIPPA complaint that shows that the information you provide them is treated by considering every privacy rule.

To further make their working private, they don’t accept insurance of any sort. Basically, when someone is using their insurance policy to pay, the services information goes to the insurance company. That’s why doesn’t go for insurance so minimal people involved.

Keeping the information of the client safe is the first priority of They keep the results confidential which makes them the first choice of many people.

STDcheck FAQs:

  • Does offer at-home testing? offers you to order the test from the ease of your home but you need to visit the lab personally to give your sample. It is to ensure better accuracy with precise results. Giving your sample at the lab is better than collecting it at home.

  • How accurate are’s tests?

The lab test results are around 99.9% accurate, but it depends on the incubation period of the disease condition. To be sure about the results, you need to wait so that the incubation time of the bacteria/ virus reaches its complete term.

  • Do I need a physical or a physician’s prescription to get tested with

No, nothing of such prescriptions is desired. There’s no need for physician involvement as well. You will order the blood test online and take the order form to your selected lab. They will take your sample and you will walk away. No one will know you have arrived to the lab to give a sample for which test.

  • Does offer free STD testing?

Unfortunately, they don’t offer a free lab testing service. But, there are many low-cost and free STD services present online. You need to wait for hours as their locations are quite low in number. Also, you might need to pay at the end due to a sliding scale and the test you are going to perform might not be totally free.

  • Will anyone at the Lab know what I’m getting tested for?

No, because in the medical labs, people come to give samples for many other diseases and conditions. No one knows what you are tested for.

  • How do I access my STDcheck test results?

Your confidential online account will inform you about your STD status. But if you selected the ‘Do Not Contact’ option when you were signing up, then you won’t get results anywhere. You need to make a phone call at 1-800-456-2323 to connect to the Care Advisor and know about your results. It is up to you when you feel like calling them.

  • Does accept insurance?

No, because of the complete confidentiality of the subject’s identity, they don’t accept insurance at the moment. But itemized receipt could be attained for insurance reimbursement purposes if you want.

  • Is a legitimate and reliable testing service? is a legitimate and reliable testing service, offering STD testing in a fast, private, and accurate manner. The tests themselves have been validated by the FDA as well as independent higher-education institutions. In addition to this stringent quality control, tests results are also reviewed by accredited physicians before being reported back to customers for peace of mind. Furthermore, each option comes with free physician consultations for patients who have tested positive for any STDs as well as treatment options through partner pharmacies should one be necessary . This makes an affordable and convenient way to get tested for STDs while maintaining total privacy throughout the whole process.

  • What is’s cancellation policy?

You can easily cancel your order before visiting the medical lab. You will get a refund with 20% deducted as the cancellation fee. However, if you make a cancellation request just after 21 days of buying the services, you will get credit for testing in the future.

A Few STDCheck Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some STD Check customer reviews from other sites:

Prince Roc – says:

“Super simple and easy! Quick testing, efficient and fast results! …”

Frank – says:

“Very satisfied with the services offered. I would recommend to friends and family. …”

Lisa G – says:

“They have 100% confidential testing and fast turn around time on results. This is the only way I would get tested. The prices are low and the results are FDA approved. …”

Quick Reviews:

Here are some quick reviews that will help you to learn more about them.

Website Layout reviews is an online platform that provides confidential and fast STD testing services. The website was established in 2010 and has since grown to become one of the leading online STD testing providers in the United States. Their official website ( is very easy to use. You can simply jump to your desired location. Also, it is encrypted to keep your data secure. They also made it easy to find the lab near you by using the zip code. allows users to get tested for a variety of STDs, including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and syphilis.

Order & Payment

There is a vast choice of payment options to be selected from. They accept credit cards, cashier checks, prepaid debit/ gift cards, PayPal and money orders. Not only that but FSA or HAS cards are also accepted. Health insurance is not acceptable in any form due to the subject’s privacy.


Their website is encrypted, they don’t take insurance, the results are emailed privately, all these things show how much they care about the privacy of their clients. Even the staff at the lab doesn’t know for which test they are collecting your sample. You are even allowed to not to show your name if you don’t feel comfortable.

Customer Service

STDcheck cares about its customers and makes sure to help them by every mean. They help the user with their Care Advisors and exceptional physicians. They offer help 24/7 by every mean possible. You can contact them on their phone or email them to get your answer. Which test to choose? When will I get the results? What to do after getting the result? No matter what question do you have, the staff is ready to help.

Online Support has a dedicated online support team that is available 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns that users may have. The website also has a comprehensive FAQ section that covers everything from ordering tests to understanding test results.

If you don’t want to call on the phone, you can use their live chat feature or fill the contact form on their ‘Contact Us’ page to get your answer. Their online support team is as efficient as their phone operating team.

STDCheck Review – Is STDcheck Legit? is surely legit and offers the best way to get tested for STD. Many people don’t go for it because of the embarrassment our society feels against these diseases. But, if you are sexually active even for a day and you don’t know the STD status of your partner, then it is must that you get tested for STDs. And when you choose to go for the testing, no one is better than STDcheck because they take care of the customers from beginning to end.

If the test turns out positive, they know that they need to take care of the needs of their customers. For that, they have a team of physicians as well. gives the chance to get tested for all the STDs without telling the world; those who care about their health don’t let this chance go away.

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How to Order a Test at

Ordering at is easy and your STD free life is just a few clicks away from you.

  • Step#1: Order the test
    Order the test online via phone or online. You can use our STD Check coupon to get tested and get an AMAZING DISCOUNT.
  • Step#2: Test
    Select among 4,500 test centers and go and give your sample.
  • Step#3: Results
    You will get your results privately within a day or two.

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