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The Internet has eased many of our day-to-day problems. Now there are online health testing services that have allowed us to take the test hassle-free without going to the doctor first and Walk-In Lab is one of those amazing services. It gives people complete control over their health. In this Walk-In Lab review, you will how they have transformed the lab testing.

Walk-In Lab Review – The Leader in Lab Tests & Wellness Screenings

Who is Walk-In Lab?

Walkinlab.com reviewWalk-In Lab has the vision to offer convenient direct-to-consumer testing services that are affordable and easy to reach. They offer diverse lab tests that are available with or without the referral of the doctor. They aim to give health care control in the hands of the individual. They believe, ‘the patient comes first’.

They connect patients to the lab directly and leave the need of contacting the doctor first. The company gives an easy way to get tested for many common and rare medical conditions and normal health conditions overall.

Visit Site: www.walkinlab.com

What Are They Doing at Walkinlab.com?

As medical lab testing is one of the most efficient ways to prevent and detect diseases, the Walk-In Lab offers low-cost testing and direct customers to the lab at the best lab test price. They provide discounts on normal lab testing and give up to 85% off on different blood lab tests. Getting that much discount outside Walk-In Lab is not that easy.

Their partner labs strictly follow all the HIPPA policies to give priority to the customer’s privacy. They allow you to pay online with complete privacy and a doctor’s visit is not needed to conduct the test. You can take the test on your own to check your health status without getting worried about the doctor’s referral.

Who Will Need This Health Testing Service?

Who doesn’t want good health? Everyone does but the hefty fees of the doctor just to refer a test make people forget about visiting the doctor. With Walk-In Lab, it is very easy to place an online lab test order. This health testing service is for those who care about their health but don’t want to pay the doctor fees just to know where the issue lies.

It is for the health enthusiasts as well who want to be in good shape while maintaining different testing values to the optimal. From the wellness to the nutrition tests, they offer all kinds of convenient lab testing services.


Benefits of Walk-In-Lab:

Walk-in Lab for testing can be incredibly beneficial, both financially and medically. With walkinlab services, you’ll have quicker access to results without the added expense of an appointment fee. This can save a lot of money if you’re someone who needs frequent tests or screenings. Additionally, walking into a lab allows for greater control over when and where you receive care – potentially with shorter wait times than a doctor’s office depending on the time of day and season. Ultimately, this service offers seamless access to medical help that is convenient, fast and could even be helpful in saving some funds.

Another benefit of Walk-in-Lab  is the cost. In many cases, these lab tests are less expensive than getting the same tests done through a doctor’s office. This can be especially helpful for anyone who don’t have health insurance or for those who have high deductible plans.

Why Should I Trust Walkinlab.com?

There are so many reasons to go for Walkinlab.com:

  • Lowest Price Guaranteed as they offer no hidden prices with confidential results
  • No visit to the doctor is needed
  • Two lab options Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp
  • Best deals for high-deductible insured and uninsured customers
  • Diverse payment options
  • Get up to 85% savings over standard lab prices
  • All the labs are HIPAA complaint and customer’s privacy is highly cared

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Best-Selling Products at Walkinlab.com:

There are many amazing health tests of the Walk-In labs but some are highly appreciated among the people and here they are:

  1. Thyroid #4 Comprehensive Blood Test Panel

It is a complete thyroid test that with the sample of your blood can tell you the status of your thyroid chemicals. This test tells about the levels of TSH, T3, T4, TPO antibodies, TAA, TBG, and TSI, in short, it gives you the complete picture of how your thyroid glands and its associated hormones are performing in the body.

  1. Weight Management Blood Test Panel, Men

It is a complete test for the men that not only related to weight management but provides greater insight into the overall health. Complete blood analysis shows any biological abnormality that is leading to weight gain or weight loss. This test detects blood sugar levels, kidney profile, fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, liver panel test, complete blood count, lipid profile, level of DHEAS, C-Reactive protein, TSH, Thyroxine, and Homocysteine levels in the body.

  1. STD #2 Essential Blood and Urine Test Panel, 9 Tests

It is the combination of 9 tests that gives you a broad picture of your health. With this test, you can know whether you have any sexually transmitted diseases including Chlamydia, Herpes Simplex Virus I and II, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea. It also detects HIV antigens and antibodies in the blood. Also, the status of Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C will be known with these tests. All these diseases could lead to severe symptoms and even death when left untreated; thus, early detection and regular screening is recommended.

  1. Fitness #3 Extreme Blood Test Panel

It is for the health enthusiasts who want to know where their health stands. With this blood test, the lipid levels of the body could be known as cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL, etc. give the lipid picture. Also, this test panel includes NMR LipoProfile, Complete Blood Count, Aldolase, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Free and Total Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Homocysteine, and C-Reactive Protein High Sensitivity Cardiac. Mainly, athletes get benefits from the test that are combined all together at the very best rate. Knowing the numbers of your health offers the extra advantage of gaining the optimal values.

  1. Top 12 Important Blood Test Panel, Women

It is a test that is designed specifically for women that tells about the health status of the women. In this test, a woman can know about her CBC, Glucose level, Kidney profile, liver panel, fluids and electrolytes, testosterone levels, Estradiol value, DHEAs, Fibrinogen numbers, Glycohemoglobin test, cardiac risk assessment test, TSH level, Cholesterol panel, and Vitamin D levels. The complete health picture makes the woman take better health choices.

  1. Diabetes #2 Essential Blood and Urine Test Panel

What does your blood say about your diabetes status? This test tells you all. With this test, you will know your glucose and insulin levels. Also, this test panel includes complete blood count, C-peptide test, hemoglobin A1C plus insulin test, microalbumin/ creatinine ratio urine, and a complete metabolic panel. The liver panel tests and fluids and electrolytes tests provide different ratios of the chemicals in the body that tells about the health.

How Does  Walk In Lab Work?

The working of Walk-In Labs is specially designed to give the customers hassle-free working. It is as follow:

  • Step #1: Order the test online

Go by category or search the test using the search box and add it to your cart. Proceed to the Checkout page where you will be asked to log in or register. The Lab order will be generated and has the doctor’s order that a lab needs. Follow the step by step procedure that is shown on your screen and you will get the home test kit or lab order. The whole process is also explained in the confirmation email.

  • Step #2: Visit a local lab

Print the Lab Order and take it to the lab. You can print the order form from your account showing Confidential Lab Record. Read the test description thoroughly before going to the lab. Give a sample at the lab or use the health testing kit as per the instruction.

  • Step #3: Get the results

You will get the email when your results are available. Most test results are available within a day or two but some tests may take even longer. You can know when to expect the results. You can get access to your result by logging to your account and going to Confidential Lab Record. If you want to show the results to your physician, you can even print it.

Are Walk-In Lab Test Results Confidential?

The privacy and confidentiality of the customers are highly cared. The results are only sent to you. The test can be sent to the third party on your written consent.

At Walk-In Lab, customer’s privacy is highly cared. For that, all the credit card payments are made insured and encrypted. The information of the customer is also not provided to any third party. They have HIPAA compliant servers so every customer’s information remains secure.

Does Walk-In Lab allow insurance claim or medicare or reimbursement?

The company itself doesn’t file insurance claims. If you need to show the receipt for reimbursement, you will get the receipt with all the necessary information. But, there is no reimbursement guarantee.


  • I don’t feel ill, should I go for the blood test?

Many underlying conditions can remain hidden in the body for two years or more like heart diseases, diabetes or prostate cancer. Detecting the disease before appearing of the symptoms is one of the best things to do. A simple blood test could tell about the real situation of the body. A blood test at the right time can save you from life-threatening diseases.

  • Is fasting necessary for every lab test?

Fasting is not the requirement of every test and where it is necessary, it is mentioned in the test description specifically.

  • What should be my age to get tested at walkinlab.com?

Your age must be 18 years or more when you apply for the test. Only then you can get it done and allowed to give the samples on your own.

  • Which states in United States don’t allow testing at all?

Because different states have their own rules, Walk-in Lab testing services are not available through Quest Diagnostics in NJ, NY, and RI and also LabCorp through NJ, NY, RI, MA, and MD. Depending on your current location, you cannot request the lab test in these locations.

  • Do lab orders expire?

Lab orders have the expiration date of six months that means they won’t be valid after 6 months of purchase. If due to any reason, you need to extend your lab orders for the next six months, you can request it free of charge. You can file this request within a year of purchase.

  • What is the accuracy and reliability of the results?

All the national leading labs are their partners. They are licensed medical reference lab. The partner labs are the same that the healthcare providers use.

  • By which way I can get the results?

After your specimen collection, the test results are available online.  They will be uploaded to your secure online account. For many tests, the result is available within 24-72 hours of the collection of the sample, but some tests may take more.

  • What is the accuracy and reliability of the results?

Walk-In Labs is partnered with leading national laboratories that are licensed, fully accredited, and used as medical reference labs by a majority of physicians.

  • Where to get the Walkinlab test results?

The Walk in lab lab test results will be available to your secure online account. The blood tests are mainly available within 24-48 hours after the sample collection but depending on the test, it might take longer. Every lab test description has the details of the turnaround time.

  • Can I easily understand the results?

Yes, the test results are given with the normal reference ranges with an indication of the abnormalities. When the test results are abnormal, it is important to take help of a certified physician. You can take the help from the Lab Test Online.

  • Can I know the Walk-In Lab location near me?

Walk-In Lab is partnered with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp with over 370,000 locations around the country. You can find the labs near you using the Lab Locator. The online lab testing service is not allowed in MA, MD, NJ, NY, and RI.

  • Can the order be placed anonymously?

There is an option to place an anonymous Walk-in Lab order. You can write any alphanumeric digit in the first and last name fields. But you need to give your correct gender and date of birth for the medical references.

  • Where to receive the lab order?

When you place the order at walkinlab.com, the lab order will be available instantly. After placing your order, just follow the instruction that appears on screen and view and print the lab order.

A Few Walk-In Lab Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some Walk in Lab customer reviews from other sites:

Mary David – www.trustpilot.com says:

“… This is an excellent way to be aware of your health at all times without doctor or insurance restrictions.”

Kelly H – www.yelp.com says:

If you know exactly which test you need and don’t want to go to a doctor to pay for a visit on top of the lab work, Walk-In-Lab is perfect...”

Chris P – www.consumersadvocate.org says:

“Was great, Had a choice between all the online offerings and did a lot of research and came up with this as the best balance between reliability and cost…”

Quick Walkinlab.com Reviews:

Here are the quick Walkinlab.com reviews that will help you to know more about them and how to avail their services:

Website Layout

Walk-in lab review

Their official website (https://www.walkinlab.com/) seems like a pretty old school website but it has everything in place. It is easy to navigate through the website and you can find what you are looking for. Categories option has all the tests organized and it is easy to go to the lab near you by using their Lab Locater. You can also search for the desired test using the search bar.

Order & Payment

Placing the order is simple and just need your consent. You don’t need to pay a visit to a doctor to prescribe you a lab test. Just select the test online, find the nearby location, pay for the test, appear on the sample collection day, and get your results in full privacy.

The payment options are also very diverse. You can pay using any of the major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. PayPal and PayPal Credit, both options are also achievable. You can also use Health Saving Cards and Apple Pay.  All the payment options are highly secured and your information goes nowhere.

Privacy – How my privacy is protected at Walk-In Lab?

Walk-in Lab testing results are strictly confidential and secure – your personal information is protected by the highest standard of data privacy, HIPAA. Your results will always be kept confidential, and only you will have access to them. Walk-in Lab takes all necessary steps to ensure that your individual health information remains private and secure with every test performed. All personnel has undergone training on how to keep your information protected, even when it’s transmitted electronically or stored digitally. They also store all patient identification numbers separately from the actual test result, so that not even our staff can access this information. You can rest assured that your results are completely safe and secure with us!

Customer Service

Their customer service staff is ready to help you. The team is trained to guide you through different tests. You can contact their customer service either using their online support or calling them at 1-800-539-6119. Their team is available from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 8 pm CST and Saturday 8 am to 4 pm. Sunday is their off day so you don’t get customer service that day either.

Online Support

There are two ways to gain online support. You can email them at contact@walkinlab.com and wait for their customer service agent to reply you back. Or you can also use the ‘Chat’ option present on the lower right corner of their home page to initiate a chat. But the live chat is available only during their working hours.

Walk-In Lab Review – Is Walk-In Lab Legit?

Yes, Walk-In Lab is legit and has the best lab partners in the country providing customers with comprehensive lab testing solutions. Founded in 2009, their mission has remained unchanged: to provide affordable and reliable lab services that are tailored to meet individual needs. They offer a wide variety of tests and have partnerships with more than 370,000 labs throughout the country. All test results are securely stored in order to protect customer privacy and give them peace of mind. With over 10 years’ worth of experience, Walk-In Lab continue to remain competitive in pricing, customer service, and quality assurance.

With Walk-In Lab, you can have the benefit of not going to the doctor and getting tested for the tests that you want to. The lab tests are life-saving when done at the right time. So, if you feel like that you need to go for any test, then worry not and just search for their online blood testing and order it. It is one of the best health testing services available today.

Walkinlab follows all industry regulations and their laboratory partners adhere to the highest standard of certification from both the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and College of American Pathologists (CAP). So although some might be hesitant about the legitimacy – don’t worry – Walkinlab is 100% legit!

How to Order a Test at Walkinlab.com?

Ordering a walk-in lab test is easy and stress-free. Here’s a step-by-step breaking of ordering a test at walkinlab.com:

  1. Search for the online blood test that you have been looking for
  2. Place the order and proceed to check out and make the payment via cash or credit card
  3. Go to the lab to give a sample or use a home testing kit to collect a sample
  4. Get the results confidentially online within 1-2 days depending on the type of test performed

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