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Everlywell was established in 2015 and has immediately developed into extraordinary compared to other known at-home health testing organizations. The organization’s broad test list covers numerous parts of ladies’ and men’s health, including STD recognition, cardiovascular health, metabolism, overwhelming metal testing, and the sky is the limit from there. Testing units are conveyed to you rapidly and circumspectly, so you can take in increasingly about your health from the security of your own home. In this Everlywell review, you will learn more about this home health testing service.

Everlywell Review – #1 At-home Lab Testing Kits

Who is Everlywell?

everlywell reviewEverlywell is an organization that offers doctor affirmed lab tests that you can do yourself at home. It offers a lot of tests. Everlywell has been set to make health testing as straightforward, helpful and reasonable as it ought to be. Simply request the at-home lab testing test kit you need and it’ll appear at your doorstep in a couple of days. Step through the exam in the security and solace of your own home, mail it back, and get your outcomes in days. Not any more ungainly visits to grimy labs, and no more out of this world costs for proficient testing.

Visit Site: www.everlywell.com

What are They Doing at Everlywell.com?

They make it straightforward for individuals to mastermind various health testing at home. They even give the prescriptive solicitation to each test. Getting blood work or other lab test results back quickly is huge for genuine tranquility, for discovering answers for help requests and for conceivably starting treatment.

Who Will Need Their Home Health Testing Services?

Anybody can utilize Everlywell, particularly the individuals who have practically no vitality for taking courses of action for masters and tests. Most of their labs are a walk around labs. There is no game plan essential. All that is required is to present your solicitation on the web, print your structure, and head to the nearest lab testing site. Everlywell.com has various points of interest over embarking to your basic thought specialist. Exactly when you test with us, you don’t have any of the costs identified with embarking to the authority. These test might be useful for any individual who speculates that the foods they eat might be causing side effects like stomach hurts, swelling, gastrointestinal misery, headaches, weariness or skin issues, or for any individual who has been told to experience a brief end diet yet feels overpowered by removing huge classifications of food from their eating routine

Individuals can get the top-notch, requested a wide scope of testing that they need with no of the obstacles. There is no disrespect, no judgment, and no getting some genuinely fundamental rest work. Getting treatment is made clear too, a great part of the time grasped by phone.

Why Should I Trust Everlywell.com?

Their research facility accomplices, who process their test, are ensured by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) – simply like any test you’ve taken from your family specialist. That implies they’re normally tried by autonomous outsiders to ensure precise, thorough, and completely dependable outcomes. Also, that is the reason you should trust everlywell.com

What Makes Everlywell Different to Other Sites?

The entirety of their items are home health units. That implies you do the testing yourself in the solace and protection of your home. It additionally implies they’re not paying to staff costly research facilities or workplaces. Everlywell removes those expenses and passes the reserve funds straightforwardly to you. Which is the most reasonable help you can get. Everlywell has thousands of customers to date who have trusted them and enjoying the benefit. Some of a few reasons are:

  • All lab offices are CLIA affirmed and HSA/FSA installments acknowledged
  • Generally reasonable costs (particularly for STD thorough tests)
  • The huge number of precise at-home tests to look over, including STD tests, hereditary tests, and general health tests.
  • At-home COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) test accessible at this point.
  • Attentive bundling and free two-way conveyance.
  • Free telephone or video meeting with a board-affirmed doctor and medicines on the off chance that you test positive for explicit STDs.
  • Step through the exam effectively at home.
  • A straightforward finger-prick is all it requires.
  • You can check for affectability to about either 100 or 200 foods.
  • Their top flaunts 90-95% precision with affirmed outsider lab accomplices.

Best Selling At Home Lab Test Kits at Everlywell.com

  1. Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test review

There’s nothing more terrible than eating something, and afterward hours after the fact you’ve never felt more regrettable, regardless of whether it’s from a disturbed stomach or headache like manifestations. On the off chance that you’ve at any point encountered a natural circumstance, you may have a food affectability. This at-home lab test gauges your body’s safe reaction to 96 foods to help give direction on what kinds of food might be the best to decide for an end diet. Everlywell states that the food affectability test “quantifies the IgG reactivity levels against foods that you have devoured in the previous a month, since following 28 days our bodies start to separate IgG particles that are not being effectively utilized. It takes on normal six to a year to expel a specific class of IgG particles. Consequently, on the off chance that you have just distinguished a manifestation causing food and expelled it from your eating regimen, you would hope to not see exceptionally high reactivity levels against that killed food thing.


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$30 OFF Everlywell Coupon Code:

Get $30 off orders of $100+ on Everlywell at-home testing online at everlywell.com with this Everlywell promo code below. Limited time only!
  1. Everlywell Testosterone Test

Everlywell Testosterone Test coupons

Sound sperm includes have dropped by half over the most recent 40 years all around. Hormonal awkward nature and diminished testosterone are getting ordinary as driving worries in present-day male health. Diminishing testosterone levels is an ordinary marvel in men as they age. Near 33% of all men beyond 75 years old have lower-than-ordinary testosterone levels, as indicated by the Mayo Clinic. Notwithstanding, low testosterone levels can happen in men of all ages. A hidden medical issue, for example, stoutness, a pituitary organ issue, or a physical issue can diminish testosterone levels. Malignant growth medicines may likewise be a reason. This Everlywell at-home test rapidly verifies whether you are delivering sufficient testosterone for your age.

  1. Everlywell Thyroid Test

The greatest capacity of the thyroid (which is situated in the front of the neck) is to control an individual’s metabolism. Metabolism can be commonly comprehended as the entirety of the concoction procedures of life. While we regularly discount our metabolism as something out of our control, it’s very the inverse on the off chance that we comprehend what is affecting our metabolism. A moderate metabolism suggests these procedures are going on more gradually or not exactly typical. Since less compound responses are going on, our body changes over food to vitality at a more slow pace. We feel increasingly exhausted while putting away overabundance fat – a lose, lose. Before now, there were very few alternatives for checking your thyroid levels at home as, for the most part, checking these hormone levels required going into a specialist’s office and research center because of how the tests were performed. The main elective choice that existed was the intermittent test pack on Amazon – which normally came without a dependable history or data on how to manage your outcomes.

Effectively measure your levels for the 3 fundamental thyroid hormones (TSH, T3, and T4) in addition to thyroid antibodies with this thorough test—all from the solace of your own home with this test.

  1. Everlywell Women’s Health Test

Everlywell Health Test kit reviews

Everlywell offers seven health tests pointed towards ladies. On the off chance that you are keen on at least two of the individual tests depicted beneath, it is regularly increasingly practical to buy the more thorough Women’s Health Test, which is a heap of the most incorporative tests. The ladies’ health board is their most far-reaching hormonal board that takes a gander at different endocrine frameworks that can influence a lady’s prosperity and menstrual cycle.

This is their most far-reaching hormone board for ladies at all phases of life. Their Women’s Health test will allow you to check whether various hormones are adjusted in your body or if uneven characters might be causing indications that are shielding you from feeling your best. This board is useful for ladies everything being equal, not simply ladies inspired by family arranging. We urge you to email us or talk with your human services supplier about what test is directly for you.

  1. Everlywell Metabolism Test

The metabolism test is an incredible test for any individual who is worried about their vitality levels, feelings of anxiety or are encountering sudden weight reduction or weight gain. It is likewise an incredible test to take after any significant life occasion, for example, having an infant, or experiencing an upsetting occasion, as these things can change body science. The test is an incredible hopping off point to get a benchmark of where you are at the present moment, and you can keep investigating your health with extra tests for a total picture.

Simple-to-use, at-home lab testing pack looks at if your body’s metabolism is of equalization – which can influence your vitality levels, weight, and then some. Measures 3 key metabolic hormones: cortisol, free testosterone, and Thyroid-animating Hormone (TSH). Simple example assortment technique – just requires a couple of drops of blood and a little container of spit. Results in not more than days – which you can impart to your PCP and view safely on an on the web, HIPAA-agreeable stage. This at-home test assesses three key hormones that help your body keep up an ordinary metabolism rate that may influence weight increase and vitality.

  1. Everlywell Sexually Transmitted Disease Test – Male

One tremendous explanation STDs are spreading so rapidly is that individuals are lingering with regards to getting tried. Nobody needs to find they have an STD, however, it isn’t just flighty to you and your health, it is reckless to uncover your sexual accomplices to an explicitly transmitted ailment you don’t have any acquaintance with you have. Regularly, a man who has intercourse with one accomplice or is cautious about wearing condoms is protected getting tried once every year. While regularly not as articulated or straightforwardly examined, men additionally experience hormone changes with age that can contrarily influence their prosperity. A few examinations exhibit the value of salivary testosterone as an option in contrast to customary venipuncture tests for observing hormone levels, particularly if men are encountering manifestations of low testosterone. Studies likewise exhibit how different hormones can successfully be estimated from salivation, making these kinds of tests increasingly advantageous and open to men.

In any case, on the off chance that you are explicitly dynamic with more than one accomplice or with accomplices you don’t have any acquaintance with, you ought to get tried all the more regularly. You ought to likewise get checked routinely if you now and “it slips again’s mind” to wear a condom. Furthermore, men who engage in sexual relations with other men are at a higher danger of contracting explicitly transmitted ailments and ought to get tried every 3-6 months. On the off chance that you fall under either classification, you should give Everlywell a shot.

Check for 7 explicitly transmitted contaminations that could hurt you whenever left undiscovered, all from the protection of the home. If positive outcomes are distinguished, you’ll have the chance to associate with our autonomous doctor arrange and may get treatment

How Does Everlywell Work?

The Everlywell test is intended to assist you with discovering food sensitivities, and is useful for any individual who speculates the food sources they’re eating may be causing side effects like stomach hurts, swelling, gastrointestinal trouble, headaches, weariness or skin issues, or for any individual who has been told to experience a transitory disposal diet yet feels overpowered by removing huge classes of food from their eating regimen.

The blood test unit incorporated a finger prick apparatus called a lancet, liquor wipes, a little card to gather blood on, and a biohazard pack for restoring the example. After washing your hands, and cleaning a finger of your decision (I went with my forefinger), you hold your finger over the card and blotch blood into little circles without contacting the paper. It resembles filling a Scantron in the third grade. It’s a similar sort of finger prick if you’ve ever – or have seen somebody – test glucose levels. It’s speedy to the point that you don’t have the opportunity to process the cut. It’s excessively simple and to make it much less complex, there’s a bit by bit video. When they get your example, your outcomes are conveyed in as ahead of schedule as two days.

Requesting and testing are simple with Everlywell. Pick the test you need them to send to you from their online site. Your request will show up rapidly and in careful bundling. At the point when you open your unit, enter the scanner tag from your pack onto Everlywell’s site.

It just takes minutes to manage the STD test. Simply gather a pee test on the gave swab, or assemble a touch of blood from a modest pinprick on your finger, and send the bundle back. Your pack accompanies a prepaid postage sticker, so you don’t need to pay for delivery. A board-confirmed specialist will investigate your outcomes, and you will get your discoveries inside a couple of days. If you happen to test positive for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, or Trichomoniasis, you can talk with a board-confirmed doctor, and you may even have the option to get a medicine that day.

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Everlywell FAQs:

  • Is Everlywell HIPAA consistent?

Truly. Everlywell has been checked by an autonomous outsider to be HIPAA consistent at levels required to help organizations with the biggest health suppliers in the United States. Everlywell’s top tier, secure treatment of individual health data earned the organization “Profoundly Compliant” status per the HIPAA/HITECH Security Standards.

  • How does the Everlywell test work?

When your request is finished, your bundle will be delivered out of our satisfaction distribution center inside 1 business day and you will get your request inside 1-3 business days. When your example arrives at the lab, they will start preparing the example. Normally, you will see your outcomes inside 5 business days of the lab having begun the handling stage.

  • Is it Painful to Test Using Everlywell Test Kits?

No, testing using an Everlywell kit is generally not painful. Most of the tests require a simple finger-prick to collect a blood sample and have easy-to-follow instructions. Additionally, the process doesn’t take a long time and the sample can be sent safely using the prepaid return mailer that comes with your kit.

  • How accurate are Everlywell at-home tests?

The entirety of the research facilities with whom we accomplice are viewed as industry pioneers in their zones, with broad narratives and have performed a huge number of tests. Every one of them perform visit inner quality controls and testing, just as normal outsider testing for autonomous approval of the precision of their testing.

Reliably, such approval shows a high degree (>95-99%) of the relationship of the results. These outcomes are constantly made accessible to Everlywell.

  • Can I use my HSA/FSA account to pay for a Everlywell lab test?

As a rule, indeed, you can utilize your HSA/FSA record to pay for an at-home health test. Your Everlywell test kit is approved by a doctor, so it should fit the rules for most HSA/FSA inclusion. On the off chance that you have an especially thorough arrangement, it is ideal to check with your arrangement on the off chance that you’d prefer to confirm before buy.

  • Does Everlywell offer free shipping?

Yes, when you order from everlywell.com you’ll get free shipping on all orders.

  • Does Everlywell accept insurance?

Unfortunately, no. Everlywell is not contracted with any insurance agencies as of now. This is an at-home health test that doesn’t require an office visit. In any case, Everlywell’s tests are commonly valued lower than cash-based expenses related to such visits.

Everlywell vs. empowerDX – Which is better Everlywell or EmpowerDX?

It really depends on your needs. Both EmpowerDX and Everlywell offer COVID-19 test kits, and each has different features that may be more suitable for your specific needs. When making your decision, consider factors like cost, the tests offered, accuracy, and the user experience. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you. Weigh out the pros and cons of each and make an informed decision. Good luck!

A Few Everlywell Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some Everlywell customer reviews from other sites:

Dawn – www.consumersadvocate.org says:

“I ordered the food sensitivity test. The test kit was complete and the directions were great…”

KC – www.amazon.com says:

“The blood sample was fairly easy to collect. I put my test in the mail on Monday and got my results on Friday. Highly recommend…”

Check this video for more real Everlywell customer reviews:


Quick Everlywell.com Reviews:

Here are some quick Everlywell.com reviews that will help you to learn more about them.

Site Layout

everlywell.com reviews

Their official site (https://www.everlywell.com) has made sense of how to manufacture uncommon contrasted with other site positions for changes since it places essential associations under clearly stepped headings that make it easy to discover extra. The official site is unquestionably incredible with it’s an advanced and graphically spellbinding UI.

Order and Payment

The beginning is simple. From our site, you can visit our items page and start assessing what tests are at present accessible. At the point when you discover a test that is directly for you, you can add the test to your shopping basket. The at home lab test pack is sent inside several days after buy. When gotten, the test taker must enlist for it.

It would be ideal if you note that during the pinnacle Christmas season, we may understand up to 2-3 business day increment in preparing times. On the off chance that you have inquiries concerning a particular request if you don’t mind email us straightforwardly at contact@everlywell.com.


Everlywell isn’t just the market chief in the shopper started, at-home lab testing space, yet they likewise endeavor to be an idea head in the clinical network. For their distributed research, they generally anonymize, de-recognize and total information and look for supplemental information from their client for progressively subjective perspectives on a pick in, intentional premise as it were. Client data is just common with the outsider lab and doctors that are a piece of our testing procedure, aside from where a client has agreed to offer the data to one of our undertaking accomplices.

Under no condition do they ever sell their clients’ information, and they use best in class, bank-grade encryption to guarantee information security. At Everlywell, your protection is similarly as imperative to them all things considered to you. Your test unit will show up in mysterious bundling, and your test outcomes are secret. Your test is classified with Everly Well, their accomplice testing research center, and their outsider doctor arrange. Your outcomes will never be imparted to anybody except if you decide to. On account of an anomalous or positive outcome, Everlywell is legally necessary to report certain positive outcomes to state administrative bodies. That revealing incorporates positives for Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Hepatitis A/B/C, and HIV, and that data might be imparted to the proper state organization, for example, the CDC.

Customer Support

Enter your postal division in the structure underneath or call 1-855-422-3855. what’s more, their sincere staff will guide you through the booking technique. After you’ve picked a zone, they’ll solicit you a couple from requests about your health. It takes under five minutes and we’ll recommend testing groups subject to your answers.

Next, you’ll settle your course of action by avowing your screening region and picking your game plan time. At the point when you’ve taken a gander at using their safe online portion structure, you’re all set with the installment segment. You can likewise reach them through their email address. If it’s not too much trouble be exhorted that we offer help during typical business hours – Monday through Friday, 9:00 am and 5:00 pm CST.

You can likewise Complete a client assistance demand by tapping on “Get in touch with Us” beneath in the footer of this FAQ.

Everlywell Review – Is Everlywell Legit?

Everlywell’s ascent has surely not been without discussion, with certain onlookers scrutinizing the legitimacy or need of a portion of the accessible test boards and others criticizing the disintermediation of clinical experts from the requesting procedure. Nonetheless, especially in this day and age that undeniably accentuates individual power over information and health choices, controllers and customary clinical specialists would become themselves to prepare for the additional computerized interruption from Everly Well and comparable direct-to-buyer newcomers. Please remember our Everlywell coupon code to save your money during checkout.

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Get $30 off orders of $100+ on Everlywell at-home testing online at everlywell.com with this Everlywell promo code below. Limited time only!

$30 OFF Everlywell Coupon Code:

Get $30 off orders of $100+ on Everlywell at-home testing online at everlywell.com with this Everlywell promo code below. Limited time only!

How to Active Everlywell Coupon Code?

To use an Everlywell coupon, select the test kits you want to purchase and add it to your cart. Then head to the checkout page and look for the option that says “Have a promo code?” Once you click that, a box will appear for you to enter your code. Paste in your coupon code and hit the “Apply” button. Your discount will be reflected in the total.

Does Everlywell have Gift Cards?

Yes, Everlywell offers gift cards. You can get a digital Everlywell gift card and send it to family and friends. This gift card is easy to redeem as they can use their unique code at checkout when shopping on everlywell.com.

Are Everlywell tests covered by FSA/HSA?

Yes, many FSA/HSA benefits coordinators consider Everlywell tests as qualified medical expenses, per the IRS. However, your FSA/HSA benefits coordinator might deny reimbursement, so it’s important to check with them before purchasing your kit. If you need to get an itemized receipt for the test, you can email contact@everlywell.com with your order number.

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