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Embark Review – Is Embark Breed + Health Kit Really Work?

In this review, we shall fully describe who Embark is, what they have on the market for sale and why you should choose their products. A brief overview of some of their best selling products shall also be included. Embark also have a DNA test and the workings of the test shall also be explained in this review. There shall also be an FAQ section to answer any general queries that customers might have. In the latter section of this review, a summary of the company website shall be added. This will be to help the ease of movement through the website for any new as well as return visitors. The shopping process shall be explained; how to make order(s) and finally pay for them. A customer service segment will follow. This will be to offer visitors to the site options on how to directly contact Embark should there be a need to do so.

Who is Embark?

Embark ReviewEmbark is a DNA testing company specifically for dogs. It offers this service for different breeds and gives health information as well. This information is intended to improve the health and wellness of the dog. The DNA kits look at over 200,000 genetic markers. With this information, dog owners can provide better healthcare for their animal. And all it takes is a swab from the inner cheek of the dog for testing. Through the testing process, Embark gets to learn more through their research and database. From these results, their ultimate mission is to bring to an end preventable diseases in dogs.

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What Are The Reasons For Choosing Embark Test?

Embark tests are comprehensive and accurate. They provide important information to dog owners as well as veterinary doctors. Breed information helps the dog owners in matters of training, general healthcare and disease risk in their dogs. Many dogs are mixed breeds and Embark can tell precisely the level of contribution of the different breeds. In this case, behavioral inclinations can be predicted at a higher rate. Also, the more information veterinary doctors have about a dog’s genetic background, the better healthcare it can be given. Also, one can track the progress of the DNA testing online once the kit has been activated. This makes it very convenient to get one’s results.

What Are They Selling At Embark.com?

Embark offers DNA testing services for different breeds of dogs and gives health information as well to dog owners. The process provides accurate and comprehensive results. This is smarter dog care through DNA. Embark also has different products specifically for dog breeders.

Embark has two DNA testing kits. The Embark ID Kit and the Embark Breed + Health Kit. These products are explained below. Each explanation gives a description of the product. Its key features are also given, what the package comes with as well as the pricing of the item.

  1. Embark Breed Identification Kit

Embark Dog DNA Test review

Through a simple cheek swab, the dog owner will finally know their dog’s genetic history and more information. The test will give one a complete breed make-up of the dog. This is important for providing the best general care as well as medical care for the dog. And in collaboration with leading research universities, Embark is working to eradicate preventable diseases. Embark also has a vast database through which the dog’s relative’s once located can even be contacted if the owner would wish so.

Embark Breed ID Kit will test for up to 350 breeds, varieties and types.  Through the same test, the dog owner can also find out relatives to their dog as far back as the dog’s grandparents. The relative finder comes free with the purchase of the Embark Breed ID Kit.

The kit comes complete with a swab, instructions on how to use the kit and a return envelope.

The kit goes for $129. Free shipping for the kit and return of the swab is provided for continental US customers only.

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Get 40% discount on Embark Dog DNA Test such as Breed ID Kit and Breed + Health Kit at embarkvet.com!. Limited time only!
  1. Embark Breed + Health Kit

Embark Breed Health Kit review

Through this DNA test, the dog owner will get to know about their dog’s ancestry, breed, relatives, even health.

The test will give one a complete breed make-up of the dog plus disease predisposition. This will help veterinary doctors to provide the best in medical care for the dog. Also, together with leading research institutions, Embark is working to put an end to preventable diseases. Embark also has a large database through which the dog’s relatives can be located and their owners notified if they would like.

Some of the features of the Embark Breed + Health Kit are screening for more than 190 genetic health traits and conditions. This is inclusive of hereditary disease risks. It also tests for up to 350 breeds, varieties and types of dogs.  The family tree of the dog as far back as the dog’s great grand-parents can also be traced. The kit comes complete with a swab, instructions on how to use the kit and a return envelope.

This Embark Breed + Health Kit is presently going for $159 (Save $40 with our special Embark Breed + Health Kit coupon code below). Free shipping for the kit and return of the swab is provided for continental US customers only.

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$40 OFF Embark Coupon Code:

Get 40% discount on Embark Dog DNA Test such as Breed ID Kit and Breed + Health Kit at embarkvet.com!. Limited time only!

$40 OFF Embark Coupon Code:

Get 40% discount on Embark Dog DNA Test such as Breed ID Kit and Breed + Health Kit at embarkvet.com!. Limited time only!

How Does Embark DNA Test Work?

Embark Dog DNA Tests

After receiving the DNA kit, the first step is to register it online. Once you have the kit, open and swab the inside cheek of your dog for a saliva sample. The sample taken is what will be mailed back to Embark for DNA testing. DNA is then separated from the sample received by Embark. Once separated, it is then analyzed by looking at over 200,000 different marker points. The information collected from this process is what tells Embark about the ancestry, traits, health and relatives of the dog.

Finally, the information gathered from the test is run through Embark’s database.  Comparisons are then made with the genetic codes of other dogs of known ancestry. This reveals the tested dog’s unique genetics and can confirm whether certain traits have been inherited or not. All the results are recorded and a full report is sent back to the client.

Also, while one waits for their dog’s results, survey questions can be answered on the profile about the tested dog. Answers provided will give more information. Therefore, discoveries on the medical health and traits of dogs can be made.

One can also track their sample through every stage of the analysis online. This is done via the unique ID found inside your kit that was registered at the onset of the process.

Embark FAQs:

  • I’m Interested in Testing My Dog. Can I Buy A Embark DNA Test Now?

Yes. One can either buy the Embark Breed ID Kit or the Embark Breed + Health Kit.

  • How Does The Testing Process Work? Does It Require A Blood Sample Or Vet Visit?

The instructions together with the cheek swab are mailed to the buyer. A sample is taken by swabbing the inside of the dog’s cheek. No blood or vet visit is required. After taking the swab sample, mail it back to Embark in a provided pre-paid return envelope. Embark shall send you the results in a few weeks.

  • How Long Does Embark DNA Test Take?

From when Embark receives the sample, the typical turnaround time to send the results is between 3 – 5 weeks.

  • How Much Does Embark Dog DNA Tests Cost?

There are multiple budget levels and needs. All the tests include the patented relative finder as well as breed information.

  • Which Breeds Can You Identify?

Embark can test for over 350 breeds and dog ancestry. This test can also test for village dogs. The tests cover over 98% of dog breeds in America.

  • Which Health Conditions And Disorders Do You Test For?

Embark tests for over 190 genetic health conditions. Over time, this number increases as more research is done and more information collected.

  • How Does Embark Dog DNA Test Benefit My Wallet?

The amount spent on a dog in veterinary expenses in America on average is over $400 annually. And as the dog ages, this amount may rise. The knowledge Embark DNA test provides helps one prepare in advance for possible genetic medical conditions. The test also enables a dog owner to take preventative measures to avoid costly treatments later in the life of the dog.

What Makes Embark Different From Other Dog DNA Tests?

Embark has been developed by a leading dog geneticist and professor at Cornell University, Dr. Adam Boyko. It provides the most comprehensive and accurate results in the industry. It is the only dog DNA testing company that uses a research-grade DNA genotyping platform that captures over 200,000 genetic markers. The results from this platform offer twice the number of genetic information as the competition. This gives Embark the potential of making future genetic discoveries. Together with information from their database, it draws them closer to ending preventable diseases in dogs. And the database is updated whenever they come across new information.

Embark is also the world’s first dog-relative finder. Through the relative finder, one’s dog can be connected to its relative based on the percentage of DNA that they share. It also identifies over 350 breeds and varieties of dogs, including village dogs. This number is more than its competition and the breakdown of the breeds more detailed as well. Embark also tests for over 190 health conditions for dogs, again a number higher than its competition. It can test for more than 20 canine traits compared to only a provision of generic information from its competitors. Embark is one of the most highly rated DNA testing service providers for dogs in the market. Embark’s staff consists of highly specialized veterinary doctors, research scientists and canine geneticists. They assist to answer any question clients might have in regards to the dogs.

A Few Embark Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some Embark customer reviews from other sites:

A verified buyer – from www.amazon.com says:

Very cool. My dog is a rescue and I was told he was a border collie mix. His personality lead me to do a test because he just didn’t have the personality a border collie.…”

SweetPea – a verified buyer says:

This is a fantastic test with unequaled customer support by Embark! …”

Quick Embarkvet.Com Reviews:

Website Layout

Embark vet reviews

The Embark website layout is a straight-forward one. The header section of the website has links that will redirect a visitor to the rest of the site. These links are AboutUs, Features, Compare, Research, Blog, Help and finally a tab for Shop DNA Kit. Above the last tab on the left side of the home page, there are two other tabs to Sign In and Activate Kit. Also, all this in

formation is specifically for pet owners. On the far top left side of the home page, there are other options. If one is interested in dog shows, sports and breeding, there is a tab for this information. Finally, the next tab is specifically for research purposes and information.

For pet owners, as one goes down the home page, the website introduces one to what Embark is and what it offers. It shows their products, how they work and what to expect from the results. The site also gives a few customer reviews as well as endorsements from notable media companies and online magazines. After this, there’s an option to buy Embark’s products and finally the footer section of the website. This section has quick links to specific pages of the site. They are categorized under Buy Now, About Us, Explore Results, Learn and Support. Finally, the website also shows icons that link to Embark’s different social media platforms.

Shopping Processing

On the home page and as one scrolls down, there’s a point where two of Embark’s products are displayed. Depending on the desired product, one may click on ‘Buy Now’. One is then redirected to a page where the details of the product are; pricing, instructions on use, what the product is delivered with, as well as its key features. Once comfortable, change the quantity of product to the number desired. After this, click on ‘Add to cart’. If you wish to add anything to your shopping cart, you may return and continue shopping. If you are done shopping then proceed to click on ‘Check out’.

Order & Payment

Once you have clicked on ‘Check out’. You will be redirected to put in your contact and shipping information. If you have a ‘Discount Code’, insert it, otherwise, proceed. Once you are done with this page then click on ‘Continue to shipping’. Alternatively, the buyer has an express checkout option if payment is not being done via credit card. Either click on Shop Pay, G Pay, Pay Pal or Amazon Pay and follow the prompts. If you click on ‘Continue to shipping’, you shall be prompted to specify the shipping method and as soon as this is done, click on ‘Continue to payment’. Here one shall enter their credit card details and if the billing details are different from the shipping ones, they shall be entered in as well. Once all this is done then you shall click on ‘Pay now’ and the process shall be done.

The website accepts Visa Card and Master Card and others as the process shall indicate once you get to the payment section.

Customer Service

The Embark website has an extensive customer support section. At the footer end of the website and under the Support category there are various links. All these shall offer some kind of customer service. There is a link to the FAQ, Help Center, How To Swab Your Dog, Contact Us and others. All these are avenues through which a visitor to the site could get assistance from Embark. There is also a comparison section as well as reviews that more information can be availed. The site also has links to its different social media platforms. These are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. They can be used to contact Embark as well.

Embark Review – Should I Buy Embark Testing Products?

Yes, you should buy Embark Testing Services. In totality, the tests are broad and accurate. Also, one can follow the process online. Embark’s products provide many different features. It screens for over 190 conditions and will check for over 350 dog breeds, types and varieties. These include village dogs, wolf, and coyote. Embark also gives the option of a pet owner knowing their dog’s family tree back to its great grand-parents. This will then lead to the possibility of connecting dog relatives. Embark provides the only relative finder service with its products. All this information put together is important for dog owners as well as veterinary doctors. It helps in areas of general healthcare, training, disease risk and behavioral inclinations. All these features plus a special Embark coupon code makes its purchase worth it.

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Get 40% discount on Embark Dog DNA Test such as Breed ID Kit and Breed + Health Kit at embarkvet.com!. Limited time only!

$40 OFF Embark Coupon Code:

Get 40% discount on Embark Dog DNA Test such as Breed ID Kit and Breed + Health Kit at embarkvet.com!. Limited time only!

How to Active Embark Coupon Code?

To redeem a Embark coupon code to your order, please click on our Embark promo code to active the code and take advantage of the discount during checkout.

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