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  • CLIA-certified laboratories
  • Test results are highly accurate
  • Fast results within 1-5 days
  • Accepts for both FSA and HSA cards.


  • Only available in US

Health testing and screening is an important way to gain insight into your health, detect issues early, and establish baselines. However, visiting labs or clinics can be time-consuming and inconvenient. This Healthychecks review covers an emerging option – affordable and discreet at-home health testing kits.

Healthychecks Review – At-Home Health Testing Kits

What is Healthychecks?

Healthychecks offers various health tests you can take in the privacy of your own home. Their offerings range from general health indicators to tests covering fertility, allergies, metabolism, STDs and more.

Headquartered in New York City, Healthychecks aims to make vital health screening accessible with accurate self-administered test kits delivered to your door. Their tests are physician-approved and laboratory certified for reliability.

Customers simply order a self-collection kit online, take their samples at home, and mail them back to Healthychecks’ labs using prepaid packaging. Results are reviewed and returned through the secure online portal within 1-5 workdays on average.

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What Are They Selling on

The Healthychecks store stocks a wide array of health and well-being test kits. These include:

  • General Health – Measure everything from testosterone and food sensitivity to heavy metals exposure at home.
  • Fertility Testing – Sperm analysis kits help assess male fertility and reproductive health.
  • STD Testing – Discreet home screening kits check for common STDs like chlamydia, HPV, herpes and more.
  • Wellness – Customizable packages aid in managing conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and monitoring thyroid, metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Best-selling Lab Tests at

Healthy checks at home health test kit review

1. At Home Testosterone Test Kit – Male

This saliva test measures total testosterone and bioavailable (free) testosterone levels in males. Low testosterone can negatively impact energy, strength, endurance, libido and cognitive function.

Who It’s For:

  • Men with low T symptoms like fatigue, depression, erectile dysfunction
  • Monitoring hormone therapy and TRT treatment
  • General screening and establishing a baseline in healthy males

How it Works:

The direct saliva kit has you collect samples at home over a full day. Samples are returned to the lab for analysis using LC-MS/MS for results with 96-98% correlation to serum testing.

Physician consult is included to review results and treatment options if low testosterone is detected.

What’s Tested

  • Total Testosterone
  • Bioavailable Testosterone
  • DHEA-Sulfate

2. At Home Metabolism Test Kit

This urine test assesses Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and identifies metabolic biomarkers like cortisol and creatinine. It provides personalized weight management insights.

Who It’s For:

  • Unexplained weight gain/plateaus
  • Suspected thyroid or hormonal imbalance
  • Risk factors for metabolic conditions

How it Works

After fasting overnight, you collect an early morning urine sample and complete a short questionnaire. Samples are analyzed for key biomarkers using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

A physician reviews results, provides metabolic rate estimates and weight loss coaching. Guidance on supplements or medication may be provided.

What’s Tested

  • Metabolic Rate
  • Melatonin
  • Creatinine
  • Cortisol

3. At Home Express STD Test Kit

This fast home STD test screens for 7 major sexually transmitted infections using easy self-collected urine and blood spot samples. No needles or blood draws required.

Who It’s For

The STD panel is ideal as an annual screening, after unprotected sex or showing symptoms. Useful in new relationships before stopping other protection.

How it Works

Collect samples privately at home and mail them in the prepaid package to the lab. Confidential results for Chlamydia, HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis and more are returned within 1-2 days.

Includes a doctor consultation if any positive results are found to discuss treatment options.

What’s Tested

  • HIV 1 & 2
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Herpes 1 & 2
  • Hepatitis A, B & C
  • Syphilis

4. Comprehensive STD Test – Female

This extensive home STD check tests for 10 common sexually transmitted infections in females using urine, oral fluid and self-collected vaginal swab samples. No pelvic exam required.

Who It’s For

Recommended for sexually active women or those with multiple partners, especially if displaying STD symptoms like discharge or genital irritation. Useful for annual screening.

How it Works

Simple sample self-collection at home. Samples are shipped to lab for analysis then confidential results are returned within 2-5 days. Includes doctor consult if positives are found.

What’s Tested

  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhea
  • HIV 1 & 2
  • Hepatitis A, B & C
  • Genital Herpes
  • Syphilis
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Mycoplasma genitalium
  • High-risk HPV strains

5. Comprehensive STD Test – Male

This extensive 12 panel STD check tests for the most common sexually transmitted diseases in men using easy home-collection urine, blood spot and swab samples.

Who It’s For:

Ideal for sexually active men or multiple partners. Recommended for annual screening and early detection before complications occur.

What’s Tested

HIV 1&2, Hepatitis A/B/C, Herpes 1&2, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and more. Tests look for pathogens and antibodies.

How it Works

Collect samples privately and mail them in the prepaid package to the lab. Confidential results returned within 4-5 days. Doctor consult included if positives found.

How Healthychecks Works

The process of using at-home testing through Healthy Checks is simple:

  1. Select a Test – Browse the wide range of test options on their website and choose what you want to screen for. Customize packages or build your own.
  2. Order & Return Kit Arrives – Order and return test kits with prepaid shipping arrive 1-2 days later.
  3. Self Sample Collection – Follow detailed instructions to properly collect your saliva, blood, urine or other samples.
  4. Activate & Send to Lab – Activate your test online and ship samples back in the discreet kit packaging.
  5. Analysis & Physician Review – Once received, CLIA certified labs analyze your samples using proven diagnostic methods
  6. View Private Results – Test findings typically post to your secure online account within 1-5 days. Includes doctor consultation for positives.
  7. Discuss Treatment – If needed, a physician details what test results indicate and outlines potential treatment plans forward.

The analysis uses industry-standard testing methods for accurate, reliable insights into biomarkers and disease screening. Combined with the convenience of at-home self-sampling, Healthychecks makes vital health testing easy and comfortable.

How Accurate are At-home Healthychecks Test Kits?

This is an excellent question. Healthychecks uses only CLIA-certified laboratories with proven diagnostic methods that match the accuracy of in-clinic testing. Their at-home test kits are physician-approved and results undergo quality control:

The at-home test kits from Healthychecks use the same testing methods and equipment as traditional clinical labs in order to provide you with reliable, accurate insights right from your home.

They partner with industry-leading CLIA certified diagnostic labs like Quest and Lenco Diagnostics across the USA. These labs adhere to strict quality guidelines and controls.

The saliva, blood, and swab tests measure biomarkers and pathogens using trusted analysis techniques like liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry and enzyme immunoassays.

Their test accuracy ranges from 95% to 99% – on par with testing you’d receive at a lab or doctor’s office. Results are clinically-validated as well as reviewed by qualified physicians.

So you can feel confident the convenient at-home sample collection followed by state-of-the-art lab analysis will generate high-quality test measurements and health insights.

Quick Review

From ordering to results, here is an overview of using the Healthychecks platform:

Website Layout

Healthychecks review

The site has an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface making it simple to browse tests or create custom packages. Detailed product descriptions provide overviews, sample requirements and clear pricing.

I especially like their Comparison Tool to contrast included analytes head-to-head across similar test kit types.

Shopping Process

Checkout process is quick and secure, with tests usually shipping within 1 business day. The packaging is discreet without any lab branding.

Pre-paid return shipping label is included along with detailed instructions to walk you through proper, hygienic sample collection and storage before the kit is mailed back.

Order & Payment

Once received by the lab, the typical turnaround time is 1 to 5 days depending on the test type. Log into your secure online account to access results, which also outlines what findings may signify.

Positives for serious conditions include a physician consult to discuss treatment options. Labs are CLIA-certified and use proven diagnostic methods for maximum accuracy.

Customer Service

Customer service options include email, phone and live chat on the site during business hours. Support specialists are well-versed on the testing procedures and guidelines if any concerns arise on taking your samples properly.

They also promptly handle any shipping inquiries, account setup, accessing results or general ordering questions with friendly, responsive support.

Should I Buy From Healthy Checks?

Healthychecks brings clinical-grade lab testing directly to your door with accuracy on par with traditional laboratories. There are several compelling reasons to use them over other options:

  • Convenience – Easy ordering, self-sampling in the comfort of home, fast results without visiting labs or waiting rooms. More convenient than anywhere else.
  • Affordable – Significant savings over testing costs at doctor’s offices and hospitals that often run insurance claims. Use FSA/HSA funds.
  • Accurate & Reliable – Leveraging certified labs with proven diagnostics testing methods and quality assurance for precision results.
  • Private – Testing handled securely maintaining confidential data and discretion around sensitive health concerns.
  • Comprehensive Options – From general screening to men’s health, fertility, STDs, cancer risk and more – extensive selection.
  • Customer Support – Helpful support via live chat, email and phone during business hours 6 days a week.

While public health department testing costs less, the convenience, speed, reliability, privacy and service clearly demonstrate the value offered by Healthychecks in bringing robust diagnostics to your home. The benefits outweigh any extra costs.

How to Order a At Home Test Kit at

Here are the steps to order an at-home test kit from

  1. Browse Test Options – Search tests or browse categories like STD, health & wellness, testosterone etc.
  2. Select a Test – Add desired at-home test kit(s) to cart. Tests start from $85. Build custom check packages.
  3. Create Your Account – At checkout, set up your secure Healthychecks account to access digital results/reports.
  4. Enter Info – We’ll need basic info like name, DOB, email, phone number and shipping address.
  5. Payment – Securely pay online using Visa/MasterCard. Use HSA/FSA funds. Input insurance details.
  6. Fast Discreet Shipping – Free overnight delivery in neutral packaging maintains confidentiality.
  7. Self Sample Collection – Follow precise sampling instructions for saliva, bloodspots or swabs.
  8. Send to Lab – Use provided prepaid shipping to return samples to the processing laboratory.
  9. Access Results – Sign into your account to view test results confidentially within 1-5 days!


Here are a few common questions and answers about Healthychecks:

  1. Who performs the lab testing?

    They partner with leading clinical diagnostics labs across the USA like Quest Diagnostics and Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory.

  2. Are the results confidential?

    Yes, test results are confidential and accessed through your private Healthychecks account. They comply with HIPAA regulations.

  3. What samples need collecting?

    Depending on test, you may provide saliva, urine, bloodspots or vaginal/penile swabs. Easy self-collection following clear instructions.

  4. When will I get my test results?

    Most test results post to your secure account within 4-5 days after the lab receives your samples. Rapid testing as quick as 24 hours.

  5. What if I have a positive test result?

    If any concerning test measurements are found, a physician consult is included free to discuss treatment plans.

  6. How long is shipping & handling?

    Orders ship free within 1 business day. Return delivery and processing takes 4-5 days once samples received.

  7. Do you accept insurance?

    We are contracted In-Network Providers with several plans. Provide insurance details at checkout for claim submission.

  8. Can I track my order?

    Yes, you can view real-time order status and tracking info in your account dashboard after samples are shipped.

  9. When should I take the samples?

    Each test kit provides instructions – some require fasting, early morning collection or specific timing relative to sexual activity.

  10. Where can I read reviews?

    Thousands of independent reviews praising our testing services can be found on TrustPilot, Google Reviews and BestCompany.

>>> Take control of your health from the privacy of home. Order your Healthychecks testing kit today with our wide selection of accurate, convenient at-home checks!

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