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NuCalm Review – Does NulCalm Really Work?

NuCalm is clinical science technology focused on the nervous system. It helps to reduce stress levels and ultimately improves a person’s quality of sleep. This review shall include who the makers of this product are, what they are selling and why one should choose this product. How the product works shall also be incorporated. Various Frequently Asked Questions shall also be answered so as to assist in addressing general queries. Some concerns to be addressed shall include the best time to use the product, where to use it, the feeling to be expected after using NuCalm, what is included in NuCalm and many others.

Towards the tail end of this article, there shall be an overview of the company website for the purpose of easier and more efficient navigation through it. This shall be for return as well as new visitors to the site. Also, a breakdown of the shopping process, how to make an order and finally, how to pay for it shall be explained. A customer service section shall be featured to give visitors to the site an idea on how to directly contact Solace Lifesciences should there be a reason to.

What is Nucalm?


The journey of NuCalm as we know it today has evolved over the years. It was originally meant to treat patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Over time, it has been researched on and tested to become the product it is today. Solace Lifesciences, the creators of NuCalm are developers of a natural, easy to use, reliable and fast-acting neuroscience technology. Their aim is to stop stress without having to use drugs. Solace Lifesciences have achieved their aim and thus, making NuCalm the world’s first, and only patented neuroscience technology to have this status.

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Why Should I Choose NuCalm?

Nucalm reviewIn this day and age life is hectic. Day to day activities take us to the limit of our capabilities, physically and psychologically. Every now and again, it is essential that we take the time to reboot. NuCalm provides the only patented scientifically clinical means to relax. The body and mind are put in a state of complete relaxation that is fast, simple and reliable. No drugs are used in this process.

The part of the brain responsible for the response to stress is tapped into. Brainwave activity in this part is slowed down to the level of the first stage of sleep. In this way, the quality of sleep is improved. One falls asleep faster, stays asleep longer and the restorative advantages are undeniable. The stress hormone levels begin to rapidly decline, thus bringing in the state of total relaxation. This enhances energy levels, helps one with clarity of mind and boosts your mood in general. Once a NuCalm session is over, the individual feels fresh, recharged and ready for life. The immune system is strengthened, becomes more resilient and the body recovers even faster from physical toil.

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What Are They Selling At

NuCalm is made by Solace Lifesciences. The product is easy to use, fast reacting and consistent means to lower stress levels without having to use drugs. It also improves physical as well as psychological performance and finally, helps the body to recover faster. This is the only patented neuroscience technology product that is clinically proven and delivers.

How Does NuCalm Work?

NuCalm 20 review

The stresses and strains that life puts on us in the 21st century are wide-ranging. These challenges must be met with equal or greater force when it comes to relaxing the body. NuCalm is the patented relaxation solution created for this purpose. It does not use drugs and is purely natural. It provides stress relief, improves sleep quality, and enhances the body’s ability to recover from physical fatigue. In addition, the immune system of the body is boosted as well.

NuCalm is a simple, all-inclusive 3-step process that is fast-acting and its effects last for hours.

  • Step 1 – The NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc.

Place the disc on the Pericardium 6 acupressure point. This is on the inside of the left wrist. The disc relays signals to trigger your brain’s natural relaxation system by disrupting your adrenaline response.

  • Step 2 – Open the NuCalm mobile application.

NuCalm’s neuroacoustic software delivers precise frequencies to slow brain wave function to levels required for maximum relaxation and revitalization.

  • Step 3 – Begin Your NuCalm Session.

After choosing your session, connect your headphones, adjust the volume levels and begin your NuCalm session on the app. Pull down your NuCalm eye mask, sit back, relax, and enjoy your session.

After using NuCalm, you will feel relaxed, in a state of tranquility, focused and energized.

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  • When is the best time to use NuCalm?

An individual’s lifestyle would be the best determining factor on what the best time to use NuCalm would be. Given that people are different, therefore, the objective of use then varies. Is it because you suffer from a sleep disorder such as insomnia that you need to clear your mind and sleep peacefully? As much as NuCalm isn’t meant to be a sleep aid but it will prepare the body to fall asleep less effortlessly. Is the reason because you had a bad night thus need it so that you can function during the day? A morning session will give you a more focused and keyed-up start to the day. Or, do you need a pick-me-up for an afternoon session? This will help you to remain as centered as you were when the day began. Therefore, you will be functioning at optimum capacity all through the day.

  • How long can I or should I use NuCalm?

If possible, when having a NuCalm session, one should go on with it to your natural end-point. This is when an individual naturally reconnects back to the outside world or wakes up. If on the other hand, time does not allow for this, then NuCalm has timers on it that one can set. There is a timer for a minimum length of 20 minutes all the way to a 2-hour session. The initial sessions could be quite long and this is very normal, as the years of stress, poor sleep and imbalance are reset. As the sessions continue, the endpoint time begins to decrease. The reason behind this is the body and mind balance out and the maintenance becomes much easier and therefore, shorter.

  • Where can I use NuCalm?

NuCalm can be used almost anywhere. The most important thing is that the user is comfortable and has back support. Therefore, lying on your back or seated in a chair will do just fine.

  • What is the best position to use NuCalm?

Any position where the body is in complete relaxation is recommended. This will be either in a zero gravity chair or lying in bed. The fact that one will be in one position for the whole journey, comfort is highly suggested. Alternatively, given the nature of NuCalm, a normal or even an airplane seat will be made comfortable with its use.

NuCalm FAQs:

  • How often can I or should I use NuCalm?

There is no harm in using NuCalm on a daily basis. Its makers, Solace Lifesciences, also suggest its use at least 3-4 times a week at a minimum of 20 minutes each session. The natural endpoint of NuCalm sessions decrease in time as not too much of the balancing will need to be done. The balancing is the management of part of the nervous system that controls the muscles of internal organs. The length of NuCalm sessions correlates to a person’s stress levels. Quality of sleep and illness are also other factors that determine the length of a session. Once one reaches the endpoint, it will be just like waking up from sleep.

  • Will I fall asleep during NuCalm?

The NuCalm experience takes one to the edge of sleep. This does not mean that one will not fall asleep, nothing stops this from happening. This period is often associated with REM sleep. The brain slips into whatever state it needs to be in for maximum revitalization. NuCalm also allows for one to remain in a dream state (the theta brain wave frequency range). This state is the best range for creativity and inspiration.

  • Can I travel with and use NuCalm on an airplane flight?

Yes, this is recommended. The use of NuCalm every day, a few days before one travels helps to prepare neural pathways. An individual’s autonomic nervous system is also balanced out and stress flexibility is also built-up. When it comes to using of NuCalm during a flight, download the neuroacoustic tracks so as to play them offline. Once you land at your destination, use NuCalm to revitalize yourself in preparation for your activities. The stress of jetlag will be a thing of the past even after crossing different time zones.

  • How will I feel after using NuCalm?

After the initial few NuCalm sessions, you will be amazed at the peace of mind you will literally experience. It’s similar to returning to a room that was initially cluttered, only to find it arranged and with ample space to move in. Balance is restored and all the many thoughts running through your brain will be cleared. The sharpness of mind, being focused on the present is all brought to the fore and one is able to be super productive. The more one uses NuCalm, the more this feeling becomes second nature and a permanent part of who you are. Scientifically, because of saturation of oxygen-rich blood to the cognitive centers of your brain, your mental acuteness is greatly improved.

How is NuCalm different from other Relaxation Products?

At present, there are many sound wave therapy apps in the market. When it comes to the other relaxation products, they kick in once the brain activity slows down as a result of the audio entrainment. This, however, could take some time depending on a person’s physiology. In other words is not consistent, predictable and the brain could over time, build up a tolerance to the session. When it comes to NuCalm, it is a blend of bio signaling, audio entrainment and a refined catalog of physics and algorithms. The outcome of this combination of factors is that brainwave activity is slowed down without fail and within minutes regardless of an individual’s physiology. These aspects are what differentiate NuCalm from all the other similar products in the market.

What’s included with my NuCalm?

The full NuCalm package comes with:

  • The NuCalm neuroacoustic software library through the NuCalm mobile app.
  • NuCalm discs, the number depending on one’s subscription (10, 20 or 30 discs) plus a Faraday cage storage bag.
  • The premium NuCalm eye mask.
  • A NuCalm zipper carrying bag.

Is NuCalm Safe for Everyone?

NuCalm is very safe. Claustrophobic people may be uncomfortable putting on the eye mask. In such instances, one may leave their eyes uncovered. The NuCalm disc should not be used by children under the age of five years, though they can listen to the neuroacoustic tracks.

A Few NuCalm Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some NuCalm customer reviews from other sites:

Amanda. – a verified buyer – from says:

I have used the Nucalm system before at my dental office and it works wonders for relaxation....”

Dan L.  – a verified buyer says:

I love how this product helps me sleep soundly at night!…”

Here is another testimonial from a customer about NuCalm Performance system:

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout reviews

Navigation through the NuCalm official website ( is straight-forward. On the header section of the website are the main links to the rest of the site pages. The links are ‘How It Works’, ‘Results’, ‘Science’, ‘FAQ’, ‘Store’, ‘My Account’ and ‘Get NuCalm’. There is an additional final icon on the header section of the website, it is a trolley. This will indicate the number of items one has shopped for before completing the whole shopping and ordering process. As one scrolls down the home page, they get a feel of what product Solace Lifesciences is selling. It indicates what kind of people are using it as well as the effects it has on an individual. It also shows how the product works, the science behind it and some reviews from different customers who have used NuCalm. At the footer section of the website are more quick-links to the rest of the site. Links to their social media platforms are also shown right at the bottom of the home page.

Shopping Processing

As one scrolls down the home page, there are various tabs one can click on to begin the shopping process. Alternatively, in the header section, one can click on the ‘Store’ tab to shop for various products. Once in the online store, an individual has the option of choosing their specific product by clicking on ‘Shop Now’. Then, confirm the number of items you would wish to purchase if that option exists and click on ‘Add to Cart’. At this point, you may continue shopping for some other product. If you are done shopping and have a ‘Coupon Code’ and/or ‘a gift card number’, you may enter them. If not, click on ‘proceed to checkout. This is the shopping process complete.

Order & Payment

At the checkout page, you shall be prompted to log in to your account if you are a returning customer. If you are a first-time visitor, you will be directed to create an account. Following this, you will fill in your general, shipping as well as payment details. The website accepts all major forms of card payment as well as PayPal.

Customer Service

The NuCalm website has an extensive FAQ section that is meant to answer questions that an individual might have. Alternatively, once one creates an account, then they can be able to get in touch directly with Solace Lifesciences. They also have links to their social media platforms that they can be used to contact them. Finally, at the bottom right hand of the screen on the ‘My Account’ page, there is a help/chat icon. Here, one can leave a message and expect a response from a customer care attendant.

NuCalm Review – Should I Buy NuCalm?

Rest, relaxation and revitalization are essential in the chaotic lives that we lead in this day and age. Therefore, NuCalm being able to provide this experience to the human mind and body becomes an important part of life. The fact that NuCalm is the first and only patented neuroscience technology of its kind is a plus. It is also clinically verified to be able to improve the quality of sleep and resolve stress without the use of drugs. With all these advantages, NuCalm still comes at a discounted rate, with a special NuCalm coupon code. It is reliable, fast-acting and consistent, the true definition of value for money.

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