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  • FDA-approved testing
  • CLIA-Certification
  • Live online chat
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Excellent customer support


  • Insurance is not accepted
  • Available only in US

Personalabs Review – Is Legit or Scam?

You might not want every result to appear in your medical history. The confidentiality of some tests is highly important. This Personalabs review introduces you to the world of ease. There is no paperwork or no waiting in the long lines, you just need to place the order and visit the lab to give sample; all of this is that easy.

Who is Personalabs?

Personalabs reviewInitiated in 2006, Personalabs is a privately held health care company that offers you an easy, convenient, and affordable way to get tested for many blood tests. They eliminate the needs of taking lab and doctor’s appointment so you don’t have to wait in line to get tested. There is a wide selection of tests with over 400 blood tests. Their walk-in tests are available in 2,300 labs around the country with the ease of checking the results at home.

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What are They Doing at

The Personalabs test is a great health testing service for anyone looking to stay on top of their health. It’s a simple way to access high-quality testing from the comfort of your own home. You can get a range of tests you wouldn’t normally have easy access to, including DNA tests, hormone tests, STD testing, and more. With this convenient option, you can keep track of your health at any time – ensuring that if something goes wrong, you catch it before it becomes an issue. No doctor’s office visits required! offer affordable healthcare services that include:

  • Lab and blood tests to improve your health with around 400 blood tests
  • Physician consultation from the ease of your home
  • Easy access to the lab results
  • Convenient lab ordering with walk-in lab testing
  • Prescription for a medical condition with a bit extra fees
  • Customer service agents ready to help
  • Feasibility to select the testing center

Who Will Need This Lab Testing Service?

This health testing service is for those people who want convenient and easy health testing but don’t want it to appear on their records. It can be for any personal matter or for the checking of the general health status. This is an easy way to know where your health is standing.

With Personalabs lab testing service, you don’t need to visit the doctor to get tested. You can place the order and get tested on the same day and have the results within the mere time of two days. From the health enthusiasts to the person who thought to have encountered STD, this testing service is convenient and affordable and eliminates the need of going to the doctor.

Why Should I Trust

There are many reasons to trust

  • All the HIPAA rules are followed so no results are sent to you via email, mail, or phone; you need to open your personal online panel to check the results
  • The testing is confidential and requires no extra paperwork – just walk-in to the lab with the printed confirmation order of your test to get tested
  • Secured payment options with your details going nowhere
  • A written guarantee that your information will not be leaking outside and they follow all the federal and state law in keeping your information safe
  • Best possible rates with the blood tests starting at as low as $39

Best-Selling Blood Tests at

Personalabs blood test reviews

There are more than 300 tests offered at but a few stand out from others. Here are the popular blood test packages on

  1. Healthy Male Checkup Blood Test

This blood test is a complete health assessment made for men specifically. It is designed to tell about the functioning of the organs. With this test, males can know about their complete health and wellness. This test includes the markers that can tell about diabetes, heart disease, and kidney issues. Not only that, men can also know their status of prostate cancer and levels of different hormones in the body.

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Get 5% discount on Personalabs blood testing online at with this Personalabs promo code below.
  1. 11 Panel STD Blood Test

STD testing is one of the most troublesome test as the appearance on your insurance record can keep it there permanently. But with this Personalabs STD blood test, you can get tested if you are sexually active in the last three months without even getting it on your records. It is the combination of blood tests plus urine tests and gives a picture of 11 major STDs. You can know your status of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis A, B, and C, Herpes, and Syphilis. If you turn out to be positive for Herpes 2, Gonorrhea, or Chlamydia, you will automatically get physician’s prescription and STD counseling and you don’t have to pay anything for this initial treatment.

  1. Comprehensive Diabetes Profile Blood Test

This Personalabs diabetes test is a comprehensive blood test packages for diabetes that can tell you about your blood sugar picture and other conditions associated with Diabetes Mellitus. With this test, you can check whether you have diabetes or you are prone to getting it. This diabetes blood test is done in fasting. You can drink water but cannot eat anything 8-12 hour prior to getting tested. The results appear within 2-10 business days. This lab test also includes urine analysis as well with microscopic examination. Along with that, this test also takes in CBC and Lipid Panel.

  1. Comprehensive Female Wellness Checkup Blood Test

Designed especially seeing the physiology of the females, this Personalabs female blood test online tells about the details of the functions inside the body. It can tell about the organ functioning and look whether a woman has or prone to have a liver or kidney disease or diabetes. The woman’s specialized tests include the tests for menopause and ovarian cancer.  Along with these, it can also give a picture of the heart’s heart with its most sensitive blood cholesterol test.

  1. Male Ultimate Anti – Aging Blood Test

It is a complete Personalabs male blood test that tells you about your body’s status whether you are heading towards healthy aging. This online blood testing detects various chemicals and hormones in the body in order to know what is happening inside. The lower numbers mean there’s a chance for lack of libido, loss of muscle, obesity, impotence, and other issues. On the other hand, the increased levels mean high risks of diabetes, prostate cancer, stroke, and heart attack.

  1. Tuberculosis – QuantiFERON-TB Blood Test

It is a highly accurate test for the very contagious diseases Tuberculosis generally known as TB. This disease is very infectious and can lead to severe damage to the lungs initially and then affect the urinary tract, brain and spinal cord, and other organs. TB symptoms include coughing, fatigue, night sweats, loss of appetite, weight loss etc. This disease is easily spreadable and can also remain in the body silently.

How Does Personalabs Work?

The Personalabs works simply. You place your order online, then you visit the designated nearby lab to give your sample. You will be informed when results are done, you can have them on a special panel, and without telling anyone or having a doctor referral, you can get tested for many diseases. But for all this, Personalabs have to maintain the following things:

  • FDA approved testing
  • Tests results that are seen and checked by physicians
  • Every lab must be CLIA certified
  • Privacy for the customers

Check this video for more information on how work:

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Personalabs FAQs:

  • What services are offered at

Personalabs offers lab management service. They allow the customers to order a blood test using their computer; after placing the order, they give the doctor’s order. With the order confirmation, you can visit the lab for the test. They are affiliated with Quest Diagnostics. When the testing the done, the results are sent to the Personallabs and then you will get the results in your account. With your password and pins, you can access your results from anywhere.

  • Are my Personalabs Blood Testing Results Confidential?

Yes, the services remain confidential and the results are only available in your personal account. When it comes to your health, privacy and security are always of the utmost importance. That’s why Personalabs strives to keep your test results totally confidential. All of your testing is administered by CLIA-certified labs throughout the country which have been held to very high standards for accuracy, safety, and privacy. To help protect your identity, they encourage you to use a pseudonym when ordering tests and creating an account, and all test results are only sent directly to the email you provide during checkout. Your credit card will never be charged with any identifiable information regarding our services.

  • What are the advantages of taking the services of Personalabs?

Personalabs provides a reasonable price for the online lab testing and offers up to 70% lower amount than the normal doctor to the lab cycle. There are no hidden charges. The Personalabs’ charges include doctor’s order, your lab visit, and the results.

They offer around 300 blood tests, which means you will easily find the test that you want to go for. You can even avail the benefits of same-day testing by using the services of America’s top Quest Diagnostics labs. They have about 2,300 Patient Service Centers in the country.

The results of some Personalabs tests are available within 24 hours as well.

  • From where you can get tested?

Personalabs blood testing service has more than 2300 locations nationwide to have your blood or specimen collected. Test request and payment can be done online. They also offer location-based finder so that you can find near a convenient test center from where you are at the moment. Once you make the test payment, you will get a lab order; make sure to take it to the lab.

  • What if the lab test requires some preparation?

Well on the off chance that you have any inquiries, you can get in touch with them on live talk or ring a bell at 1-888-438-5277 as their website is pretty detailed. The majority of their tests don’t require any preparation. Any unique prerequisites before testing like fasting for 12 hours can be noted in the test description. At the point when you show up at the lab, Quest experts will ensure that you’ve satisfied any prerequisites.

  • Does Personalabs Accept Insurance?

No. They do not acknowledge any type of medical coverage. Although they keep their costs pretty conceivable in the light of the fact that they are ready to cut through red tape. Personalabs is just liable for providing you the lab results, they cannot provide you the DX (diagnosis). Their doctor’s network sees all test results to ensure there is no health critical problem with any patient. In the event where results are strange, they get in touch with you legitimately to encourage you to look for clinical consideration with your health care provider or primary care physician.

  • Do you require a referral from a doctor or specialist?

No, you don’t require any referral from a doctor or specialist. When you have submitted your request, it is surveyed and endorsed by one of their authorized doctors in your state, and in practically no time, your request is completed and stored in a secured online patient portal of Personalabs.

  • How would you know which Personalab Lab Test to go for? has more than 300 lab tests accessible on their website. Anybody can look on into health concerns such as diabetes, coronary illness, stroke, hypersensitiveness, hepatitis, STDs and more to give you direction. In the event that you are experiencing issues finding a particular test or have any inquiries, get in touch with their Personalabs Live Support or ring them a bell at 1-888-438-5227. But, they cannot propose or prescribe any tests, nor offer clinical guidance.

  • How authentic are the results of Personalabs?

Quest Diagnostics labs are CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment) approved and used by specialists, medical clinics and centers across the country. Personalabs contracts with Quest Diagnostics only because it is one of the most regarded and broadly perceived testing research centers in the country.

  • What happens when the test results are not normal?

Not normal test results ought to be viewed as an early notice, it is not necessarily a sign of ailment or infection. In this way, they tell you to discuss any unusual test results with your doctor or physician.

Personalabs likewise provides the ease of a 15-minute virtual specialist consultation for an extra cost. You can talk with one of the authorized doctors to know about your results.

  • How much time does the Personalabs test results report take?

It depends on the test itself. Most test results are updated online within 2-5 business days but for complex tests, results may take the time of 10 business days.

  • What you should do with the results of the test?

You can print out your test results by logging in to the patient portal with the user id and password you set up while creating an account. Tapping on the “results” interface in red will download the test reports in PDF format. You can likewise effectively email your test reports to your medical care supervisor, physician or any individual with ease.

  • How to get the Personalabs test results?

When it’s time to get your results, you will get the email with the subject line “Information Regarding Your Personalabs Account”. The email will have the login information of your personal portal on their website from where you can get your results. You can download, print, or even email your results if you choose.

A Few Personalabs Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some customer reviews from other sites:

Eric P. – says:

Very responsive and resolved my issues quickly. I will do business with them again!

Sophia Harrison – Google reviews says:

Personal Labs provides great tests at fantastic prices. The Customer Support Team is phenomenal. The turn around is quick. I highly recommend them

Quick Reviews:

Here are some reviews to increase your knowledge:

Website Layout reviews

The website’s interface ( is made easy so you can place your order without any trouble. From creating an account to placing the order, every method is simplified for the ease of the customers.

Order & Payment

You can easily place your order and will get the confirmation letter that you need to print and take to the lab. You can pay using all the famous credit and debit cards of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You can also use PayPal or Apple Pay. If you need more options, then HSA/ FSA cards are also accepted.


For the sake of customer’s privacy, they don’t accept insurance. They are HIPAA compliant and take customer’s privacy very seriously. Your test results will only be provided to you and no one will know the results.

Customer Service

They have a highly-trained customer service staff ready to answer all your queries. You can easily ask anything via phone or email and get it solved. Even after placing your order, you will find their team agile in solving the issue.

Online Support

If you don’t want to call them, leave an email, or take the benefit of their online chat options.  You can chat live during their office hours to get your issue resolved. You can also contact to take general information about their services and work.

Personalabs Review – Finally, Is Legit or Scam?

With over 400 tests and HIPPA complaints and CLIA certified labs, is one legit option to get tested without being worried about the results appearing on your medical records permanently. Personalabs is a reputable and reliable service that has established itself in the direct-to-consumer testing industry. They offer convenient services that are affordable and have the best quality. Their services are HIPAA compliant so should you wish to discuss results or have any queries answered, their knowledgeable medical staff are available over the phone.

In addition, their team is one of the few nationally certified CLIA-certified laboratories – so they offer an exceptional standard of laboratory testing available nowhere else. You can even send the results to your personal physician if you want using their portal. Overall, Personalabs is a trustworthy source for affordable lab tests with reliable results and excellent customer support.

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How do You Order a Blood Test at

They have made everything simple; you can order a blood test by visiting their website, go to the lab, then see your results of the tests online. Here’s a point by point breaking of the initial phase (ordering a test):

  • Register yourself or make a new account at Personalabs
  • Website will give you to fill out a form that will include basic information about yourself
  • You’ll be asked to set up a password and a security pin for login purpose and see results
  • You’ll need to select the appropriate test by utilizing their Find Your Test search engine
  • Add the test to your shopping cart
  • If you have the Personalabs coupon/promo code, you must use that before checking out
  • Make a payment through their secured Checkout that supports major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal
  • Make sure to print your confirmation test request, show it to the counter in any service center you visit

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How to Active Personalabs Coupon Code?

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