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Getting tested for the disease or condition that you consider that you might have gotten is not easy. First, you need to visit the doctor and ask him to refer you to the lab. Then you can go to the lab and get tested. What if we say it is possible to remove the doctor from this whole cycle. You can directly go to the lab to give your sample and get evaluated for your condition. This happens when you take the service of one of the renowned and very much liked health testing services. In this True Health Labs review, you will learn how they can transform your health life.

True Health Labs Review – The Leader in Online Lab Testing

Who is True Health Labs?

True Health Labs is the idea of Dr. Brady Hurst who has thought to create an easy lab testing service. This service allows lab tests for those who are underinsured, uninsured, care about their health, and their doctor hasn’t allowed the lab tests. is a DAT (Direct Access Testing) company that presents all kinds of lab tests from numerous CLIA certified labs present in the USA and abroad. They don’t do the tests on their own but connect the individuals to the labs who are giving the testing services. The company strives hard to give the services at the best possible rates.

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What Are They Doing at

The motive behind the making of True Health Labs is to provide convenient and cheaper health testing services for everyone. They don’t do the test on their own but have partnered with over 2,000 CLIA certified labs to conduct the tests. As a third-party agent, they collect your samples where your identity remains hidden as long as you want.

They send the home-testing kits for easy sample collection methods like saliva and hair but for blood tests, you need to visit the location that they assign to you.

Who Will Need This Laboratory Testing Service?

Anyone who cares about their health needs this lab testing service. True Health Labs wants you to come out of the classic healthcare system and make your own choices. If you want to get tested for any reason, this service is for you.

The provided tests are not typical but advance that includes the tests that show the picture of your life like nutritional imbalance tests. Also, those people who don’t want to get into a long line of a doctor to refer to a lab test must check their service. The test ordering is hassle-free and you will go to the lab directly.

This health testing service is for health enthusiasts also who want to know where their health stands. There are many tests that give them a clear picture of everything that is happening inside their bodies.

Why Should I Trust

Well, there are so many reasons to choose Nowadays, it is not very hard to find genuine services online because people like you are giving their reviews everywhere.

Over 1750 individuals have reviewed their services positively. All their partner labs are HIPPA compliant and their work is BBB accredited. They have been in the business for 10 years now with thousands of happy customers. Ten years and still standing that means they have been doing their best.

Also, their labs are CLIA certified that means you are getting the best and accurate results with the most affordable rates with them.

Top Selling Lab Tests at

At True Health Labs, there are many amazing lab tests that might interest you. Their top-performing products are as follow:

  1. Complete Thyroid Test Panel

It’s a very effective test that gives the picture of the complete thyroid status of a person. With this test, you can have a deep insight into the thyroid health of a person. There are many thyroid testing services, but not every service is comprehensive as this one.

This True Health Labs thyroid test is specifically designed to test all the forms of thyroid chemicals that are not tested usually. It provides information about the quantities of TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Total T4, Total T3, T3U, reverse T3, Free T4 Index, and TPO and Anti-TG antibodies. Testing all these hormones helps in knowing the root cause of thyroid dysfunction.

For this test, no fasting is needed. The turnaround time is also reasonable. Test results are available within 4 business days. This test is recommended when you have all the symptoms of thyroid gland disturbances and your thyroid-related tests have not shown any results.

  1. DNA Stool Test | Comprehensive GI Effects

For general health, the Gastrointestinal tract’s health is very important. Stool analysis shows health-enhancing intestinal bacteria and unhealthy ones too that are harmful to the gut.

This is an effective True Health Labs DNA test that needs only one sample collection. The DNA analysis tool presents a better result and detects accurate germs. With this test, you can know the balance of bacteria in your gut if you fear weight gain. The autoimmunity status is known with this test by seeing the gut’s health. Also, it presents if there are drug-resistant genes present in the DNA of the parasites. This detection helps in better treatment options.

Among all these things, this test also tells if Cancer-preventative short-chain fatty acids are present in your stool. Overall, it is one complete test that gives you the health picture using your stool sample. The turnaround time is around 17-21 business days. Tests in which microbes are involved usually take greater time because of the incubation period.

  1. MRT Food Sensitivity Test 170

Food sensitivities are really common and this test takes a different but much accurate approach to detect any food sensitivity. It functions by measuring the volume change of white blood cells on the exposure of various foods. The empty the cells are, the higher is the reaction.

This test measures the sensitivity against 140 foods and 30 chemicals. Test results don’t take long and available within 5-7 business days which is pretty fast for over 170 food items.

It is not like the typical food sensitivity test that needs you to eat different foods to develop enough antibodies against them. For this test, you just need to give your blood sample and nothing much. You don’t need to populate your body with the antibodies of the allergic food for this test.

  1. Complete Blood Count (CBC) + Differential + Platelets

If your blood is healthy that means you are healthy too. In this True Health Labs blood test, different components of blood are being tested. Hemoglobin, RBCs, WBCs, and platelets, and their different related parameters are detected in this test.

This test tells about whether you are anemic or you have any infection. Also, it provides information about whether you are vitamin B12 deficient. You only need to give your blood and it gives the complete picture of it. Not only that, but the morphology of the blood components is also tested in this test.

  1. A1C Test

The A1C test is a hemoglobin A1C test that detects the alterations in blood sugar on a long-term base. As time passes with elevated sugars in the body, glycosylated hemoglobin begins to form at the RBC surface. More of this coating means a lower ability of the cell to transport oxygen.

This test is helpful in monitoring sugar blood therapy. You need to give blood for this test. The turnaround time is 3 business days only. With this test, one can know about the maintenance of the blood sugar in the body. As the life span of the RBCs is four months only; so, it is important to repeat this test after two months at least.

How Does True Health Labs Work?

To understand its working, see these steps:

  • Choose the lab test that you want to take – find your draw location – pay the fees
  • If you receive a True Health Labs home test kit, then take the kit or just the form you get on your order to the draw location
  • Test results will be sent to your email.

Check this video for more information on how True Health Labs works:

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FAQs of True Health Labs:

Is it possible to order lab tests in my country or state?

The tests are area-specific and not all the tests are available outside the US or in the states like MD, NJ, NY, and RI. The restricted areas are mentioned in the description of each test. If not, then the test is collectible in every state excluding New York.

The tests for Canada are available under the Canada lab test category and Europe tests are available under the Europe category.

Is it necessary to fast before giving a sample for the test?

You need to fast for 12-hour before the test if your test procedure demands. If there’s a need, it would be mentioned in the test description. Mainly, it is not allowed to have solid food before the tests of cholesterol, glucose, and triglycerides. The water consumption is acceptable during those hours.

What is the reliability of the results?

All the testing labs are CLIA accredited. Many are the labs that are recommended to you by your physician.  So, you can rely on these tests without any tension.

Will my test results remain confidential?

The privacy and confidentiality of the patients have been cared highly by the company. Your results are only visible and not even to your insurance company when you don’t want it.

How much time does it take to get the results at

It entirely depends on the laboratory testing. The True Health Lab will email you the results within 24-hour of receiving it from the accredited lab. The test results may come within a day to 21 days depending on the test.

What if my result turns out abnormal?

Abnormal results could or couldn’t mean ill health. You need to discuss your results with your health care provider. If you need further testing, ask your doctor which tests you need to go for.

Can I evaluate the results?

Many tests have high-low value ranges that you might easily understand but some are technical and functional ranges. Discussing your lab tests with the doctor is highly recommended. They have a team of trained doctors as well with whom you can discuss your results.

How will I receive my test results?

Your test results will be emailed to your mentioned email account. You can also order a hard copy if you need one but you need to ask for it specially.

How do I check on the status of my test results?

You need to check first how much time the test takes. If your time limit has crossed, you can call their helpline or email with your name, date of shipment and blood draw, and name and location of the draw center.

Do the tests are covered by Medicare?

The tests are already available at the discounted cash prices thus Medicare doesn’t cover them.

Does True Health Lab accept insurance?

True Health Lab doesn’t have the policy to bill the insurance company directly. You can reclaim the money back by submitting reimbursement. You can also request for the CPT Codes but not for the diagnostic codes. The diagnostic codes are delivered by a physician only. Using the insurance company will take your results to them and will make them the part of your permanent medical record.

A Few True Health Labs Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some customer reviews from other sites:

Kristin W – says:

“… Thank you so much for being an accessible, affordable and reliable online lab! It is very empowering to understand my health.

Ken H – says:

“Dr. Hurst started out with a simple explanation, but increased the complexity as he realized I had some knowledge of the subject matter. He is the missing link I have needed to interpret my results and further my action plan.”

Quick Reviews:

Here are the quick Reviews that will help you to know more about them:

Website Layout reviews is a very different and unique kind of website having the menu bar present vertically at the left-hand side of the web page. The website is present mainly in the hues of blue and white and seems pretty elegant. You can navigate to ‘Draw locations’, ‘Lab test categories’, ‘Build a custom panel’, and any other option of your interest.

Order & Payment

Placing the order at is very easy and convenient. The process is the same as any e-commerce website. You don’t need to be worried about the payment as there are so many acceptable methods. For the payment, you can use the major credit cards including VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and PayPal. You can go for PayPal Credit as well. If you don’t have any privacy issues, HAS and FSA accounts are also acceptable.


Great care has been given to the customer’s privacy. Only the identifying information is taken and not personal health information. The information is safeguarded. All the labs are Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant in by law to maintain the privacy of the personal information of the patient.

Customer Service

Customers are the top priority at the True Health Labs that’s why they have made thousands of customers and continue making more. If you need to contact their team, you can call them or use the online support. Their True Health Labs phone number is 1-888-763-1223, but they offer to read the FAQs first. There’s a high probability that you might not get the chance to talk to one of the True Health Labs customer service representative because of the high number of patients. You might need to leave the message so the best way is to fill the form present at their contact us page.

Online Support

There are two kinds of online support. You can contact them by sending them an email at If you need urgent help, you can have a live chat with the customer service agent available. But for that, you need to open their website in the business hours only.

True Health Labs Review – Is Legit?

The are truly legit because they have been providing their services for 10 years now and made thousands of happy customers at that particular time. If you want to leave the typical healthcare system behind and wish to know your health status without taking the help of any physician, then this is the service for you.

All the blood tests that are offered at the True Health Labs are very affordable and easy to order. The tests are also modern and provide accurate results. So, if you need any of the health testing services, then feel free to place your order at the True Health Labs.

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How to Order a Test at

  • Step #1: Choose Tests

Add the test to your cart that you are going to opt for and look for the draw location. Check where you will be sent after you buy the test. You can also create your own lab test panel.

  • Step #2: Checkout and Sample Collection

When you order on the working days and make your payment, you will get an email. If your order has a test kit involved, specimen type will be mentioned as well. You will receive the kit where you want it to be shipped and take it to the allocated draw center. Urine, saliva, stool, and hair test kits allow easy collection of the sample at home. Just read the manual.

  • Step #3: Get the Test Results

You will get your results via encrypted email. The test results may take up to 14 or more days depending on your test.

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